What is this Class?

New courses, Fall 2019

ENVS 110 (100.1) Introduction to Environment & Society (1 credit)

ENVS 198 (100.2)/498 (400.1) Conversations Towards a Sustainable Future (.25 credit)

Part of the expansion (2017) of our Environmental Studies program into Environment & Sustainability

Environmental Studies Major: first offered in 1978

Environmental Science added in 2017

  • Environmental Studies vs. Environmental Science (vs Geography) at OWU

Interdisciplinary: draws from courses across campus

Two Geography positions explicitly support the program: Dr. Rowley and Dr. Krygier (co-director of E&S)

Dr. Anderson (BOMI)  (co-director of E&S)

A dozen additional faculty across campus support the program with courses, steering committee, independent projects, etc.


Crazy complexity of nature, environment, and human. cultural and social interactions

  • Delaware Run

The course touches on a broad array of material that is covered in many other courses at OWU in more detail

  • Course as a work in progress

Active, engaged pedagogy

  • Theory into practice; practice into theory

Importance of different perspectives on the environment & sustainability (first half of RHM text)

Importance of taking one object and understanding its complex context (second half of RHM text)

Importance of research, knowledge, data: intellectual skills imparted by a college education: Project, theory into practice

Importance of collaboration: student knowledge and interests, other OWU students, faculty, staff, OWU partners: ENVS 198 (100.1)/498 (400.1)

Review course syllabus, schedule, project

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