What is this Class?

Banned words, ENVS 110, Spring ’24

Update 1/15/2024

Environmental Studies Program & Environmental Studies Major: first offered in 1978

2017: Environmental Science Major added: Environment & Sustainability Program

  • Environmental Studies vs. Environmental Science¬†vs. Geography¬†at OWU

Interdisciplinary Program: draws from courses across campus

2021: Department of Environment & Sustainability: Promoted!

  • Two Geography positions explicitly support the program: Dr. Rowley and Dr. Krygier
  • And one Biological Sciences position: Dr. Anderson (Botany, Ecology)
  • And one new faculty member (Dr. Toshi Mizuta) las fall (soil, agriculture, food, technology, water)
  • plus a dozen other faculty (natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts)
    • Interdivisional

Crazy complexity of nature, environment, and human cultural and social interactions

  • Delaware Run

The course introduces a broad array of material that is covered in other ENVS and non-ENVS courses at OWU in more detail

Active, engaged pedagogy

  • Theory into practice: OWU Connection-centered course & Department
  • What’s happening with the environment
    • How to think about the environment and stuff in it
      • How to do something about the environment: give you some¬†agency

Is this class a natural science or social science? BOTH (but actually, Interdivisional)

Think: different approaches to environment & sustainability (first half of RHM text):

  • concepts that enable action
    • Population & Scarcity
    • Markets & Commodities
    • Institutions & the Commons
    • Environmental Ethics
    • Risks & Hazards
    • Political Economy
    • Social Construction of Nature
    • Feminism & the Environment
    • Racialized Environments

Then apply those concepts to understanding stuff in the environment (second half of RHM text)

    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Trees
    • Wolves
    • Uranium
    • Tuna
    • Lawns
    • Bottled Water
    • French Fries
    • E-Waste

Importance of the research process: intellectual skills imparted by a college education: Project, theory into practice

Importance of collaboration: student knowledge and interests, other OWU students, faculty, staff, OWU partners: ENVS 198/498

Lots of steps, parts, due dates: the research process: you are fully capable of managing a relatively complex project

Yeah, no Blackboard. It’s just bad pedagogical software design

Review course syllabus, schedule, project

Send me an email (jbkrygier@owu.edu) with the following info:

  • Your Name (preferred name)
  • The course (ENVS 110 [and section] and if you are in ENVS 198)
  • Did you subscribe to the class calendar?
  • Did you look over the syllabus, schedule, and project pages?
  • Did you share the folder (see below)
  • Do you have access to the text (or will share the copy in the back of classroom)?
  • Major (or ideas for major)
  • Year at OWU
  • Hometown (and state or country)
  • Reason for taking this course

Sharing your work with Instructor: this is how you turn stuff in

  • Go to your OWU Drive account
  • Create a new folder with the course and your last name
    • +New button (upper left) >> then Folder
    • Phoebe B. Peabody Beebe’s¬†folder would be: ENVS 110 Beebe
    • Share that folder with me (so I can edit)

Later, when you are ready to turn in your work: for example, the 6-page chapter review:

  • put the document in the shared folder
  • email me that your document is in the shared folder and ready for me to review

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