Catastrophe and Triumph


RHM textbook, Environment & Society:

  • First half: perspectives: “dominant ways of thinking about environment-society relations”
    • there are many more… you will encounter in courses and elsewhere
    • shape how people think about and impact the environment
  • Second half: perspectives “applied to familiar objects of the world around us.”
    • not problems and crises: important
    • “An opportunity to break away from the environment as an undifferentiated generic problem, one universally characterized by a state of immediate and unique crisis.”
    • the problem with apocalyptic catastrophism & environment
      • apocalyptic: “describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world.”
      • catastrophism: “involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.”

A generalized process: book, class, class project

  • Understand the natural and the social together focused on varying  environmental perspectives
  • Understand common objects embedded in natural and social contexts
  • Understand how environmental problems (at a range of scales) arise from this complex context
  • Define solutions to these problems

Scrappy Sustainability presentation here

Scrappy Sustainability – Admissions – Summer 2020 presentation here

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