Approach: Markets & Commodities

Ideas from economics and markets can solve environmental problems.

Chapter 3 examines the ways that environmental problems are conceived and addressed using a market-oriented perspective and its respective solutions. Support for and critiques of market environmentalism will be addressed.

Markets & Commodities slides here.

Paul Robbins, John Hintz, and Sarah A. Moore, Environment & Society: A Critical Introduction (2nd edition), Chapter 3.

1 thought on “Approach: Markets & Commodities”

  1. Joe Warner
    Professor Krygier
    ENVS 100
    20th September 2020
    Chapter 3 Markets and Commodities
    One word that really came to me during the lecture was Resource scarcity. This can really damage the consumers bank. The prices will rise and then the consumer and the producers of the product are stuck. Both will have to spend more Money. Once the new sources come in then the supply increases even more but then once the producers get their product and the demand increases the producers will be ready for the consumer’s demands, it almost fluctuates. Another word that stuck out to me during the lecture was Market failure. obviously when this happens everything is messed up. From transaction costs not being correctly sorted out to limitations on participation in contracts that the producers and manufacturers have with one another. When things don’t connect then both sides lose business and a lot of money.

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