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Update 3/10/2024

  • ENVS 110: Introduction to Environment & Sustainability
    • Section 1 MWF @ 10 AM ‚Äď 10:50 AM in 207 SCSC
  • ENVS 198/498: Conversations Toward a Sustainable Future (W @ noon) ¬† [see tab above ]
  • Readings: RHM =¬†Paul Robbins, John Hintz, and Sarah A. Moore, Environment & Society: A Critical Introduction (3rd edition)

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Instead of tests or exams in class, I’m asking that you submit (via Google Forms) two keywords (of your choice) and their definition from each of the RHM textbook chapters that focus on major approaches to understanding relations between humans and the environment:

Ch. 2 Population & Scarcity
Ch. 3 Markets & Commodities
Ch. 4 Institutions & The Commons
Ch. 5 Environmental Ethics
Ch. 6 Risks & Technology
Ch. 7 Political Economy
Ch. 8 Social Construction of Nature
Ch. 9: Feminism & the Environment
Ch. 10: Racialized Environments

The submission form and explanation are here.

I’ve indicated when keywords are due on the schedule below (and on the ENVS 110 Calendar: see Syllabus). They are part of your grade.

Week 1

Monday, Jan. 15: No class meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 17: Introduction to Course: Delaware Run

Friday, Jan. 19: What is this Class?

Due: Subscribe to ENVS 110 Calendar: see Syllabus or Project Page

Week 2

Read: RHM Ch. 1 Introduction

Monday, Jan. 22: Humans, Environments, and the Anthropocene

Wednesday, Jan. 24:  Your RHM chapter/groups + Preliminary project ideas 

Assign: Your RHM chapter (9-17) (on Projects page): review yer chapter by Fri., Jan. 26 & check presentation date on schedule.
Contact: Your chapter co-presenter(s)

Friday, Jan. 26: Catastrophe and Triumph: Scrappy Sustainability vs. Delayed Delaware Run Fun

Week 3

Read: RHM Ch. 2 Population & Scarcity

Monday, Jan. 29: Chapter Review & Ideas for Course Project 

Present: Present ideas for specific course project to class; email 3 ideas to instructor by 4:01 pm
Read personal RHM Chapter

Wednesday, Jan. 31: Project Topic Discussion (continued)

Due: Brief statement on project idea or ideas, developed since previous week

Friday, Feb. 2: Approach: Population & Scarcity: Concepts, thoughts, discussion

Due: Two keywords from Population & Scarcity (form here)

Week 4

Read: Assessing Your Environmental Values, Transferable Skills
Read: RHM Ch. 3 Markets & Commodities

Monday, Feb. 5: Work Day: Instructor in 207 SCSC for help on Refined Course Project Topic Ideas

Wednesdaty, Feb. 7: Approach: Markets & Commodities

Due: Two keywords from Markets & Commodities (form here)
Due: Finalized focus topic emailed to Instructor and Holly Birk by 4:08 pm
Due: Chapter review shared by 11:52 pm
Attend: STF Meeting (12:10, Merrick 301)

Friday, Feb. 9: Finding Focus Topic Sources I

Week 5

Read: RHM Ch. 4 Institutions & The Commons

Monday, Feb. 12: Finding Focus Topic Sources II

Wedbesday, Feb. 14: Student Appointments with Holly Birk (visit Holly for appointment in SCSC 214) and Krygier available in 207 for consulting on project ideas and sources.

Individual Meetings w/Holly Begin

Friday, Feb. 16: Approach: Institutions & the Commons

Due: Two keywords from Institution & the Commons (form here)

Week 6

Read RHM Ch. 11 Carbon Dioxide, Ch. 12 Trees,  Ch. 13 Wolves, Ch. 14 Uranium

Monday, Feb. 19: Things: students present & discuss: Carbon Dioxide & Trees

Wedsneday, Feb. 21: Things: students present & discuss: Wolves & Uranium

Friday, Feb. 23: OWU Writing Center (Kahlil Mitchell-Smith) & OWU Connection (Lisa Ho)

Week 7

Read RHM Ch. 15 Tuna, Ch. 16 Lawns, Ch. 17 Bottled Water, Ch. 18 French Fries, Ch. 19 E-waste

Monday, Feb. 26: Things: students present & discuss: Tuna & Lawns

Wednesday, Feb. 28: Things: students present & discuss: Bottled Water & French Fries

Friday, Mar. 1: E-Waste & Annotated Bibliography & TPG Proposal Assignment

Assign: Annotated Bibliography & TPG
Assign: Sign up for 10-minute Krygier meeting by noon Monday, March 4 (see calendar or email for link)
Individual Meetings w/Holly End

Week 8:

Read RHM Ch. 5 Environmental Ethics

Monday, Mar. 4: Approach: Environmental Ethics

Due: Two keywords from Environmental Ethics (form here)
Due: Six Final Project Sources (cited correctly) sent to Holly and Instructor by 4:61 pm

Tuesday, March 5: 10-minute meetings with Krygier (207 SCSC) – TPG Ideas (see calendar or email for link)

Wednesday, Mar. 6: 10-minute meetings with Krygier (207 SCSC) РTPG Ideas (see calendar or email for link)

STF Meeting (12:10, Merrick 301)

Friday, Mar. 8: 10-minute meetings with Krygier (207 SCSC) – TPG Ideas (see calendar or email for link)

Week 9: Spring Break

Monday, Mar. 11: No class meeting

Wednesday, Mar. 13: No class meeting

Friday, Mar. 15: No class meeting

Week 10

Read RHM Ch. 6 Risks & Technology, Ch. 7 Political Economy

Monday, Mar. 18: Approach: Risks & Technology

Due: Two keywords from Risks & Technology (form here)

Wednesday, Mar. 20: Approach: Political Economy

Due: Two keywords from Political Economy (form here)
Due: Revisions to Chapter Review (indicate Writing Center coach)

Friday, Mar. 22: Approach: Political Economy

Week 11

Read RHM Ch. 8 Social Construction of Nature, Ch. 9 Feminism & the Environment

Monday, Mar. 25:  Approach: Social Construction of Nature

Due: Two keywords from Social Construction of Nature (form here)

Wednesday, Mar. 27: TPG Overview + Final Presentation & Project Synthesis

Due: Annotated Bibliography (250-300 words per source) share by 4:19 pm.

Friday, Mar. 29: Approach: Feminism & the Environment

Due: Two keywords from Feminism & the Environment (form here)

Week 12

Read RHM Ch. 10 Racialized Environments

Monday, Ap. 1:  Approach: Racialized Environments

Due: Two keywords from Racialized Environments (form here)

Wednesday, Ap. 3:  No Class Meeting (instructor at day long boring meeting)

Friday, Ap. 5: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Due: TPG Proposal (3 pages + budget) share by 4:44 pm.
Presentations: Dao, Hollinger, Kovach

Week 13

Monday, Ap. 8: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Tooill, Miller, Rice

Wednesday, Ap. 10: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Bricker, Brooks, Cargould

Friday, Ap. 12: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Dooley, Lehman, Neuenschwander

Week 14

Monday, Ap. 15: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Pettey, Wightman, Youngless

Wednesday, Ap 17: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Bailey, Besecker, Brinson

Friday, Ap. 19: No Class Meeting (Enthronement of Pope Matt)

Week 15

Monday, Ap. 22: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Ryan, Pzedpelski, Pennington

Wednesday, Ap. 24: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Lowery, Horton, Hamby

Friday, Ap.. 26: Presentation of Student TPGs (15 minutes each)

Presentations: Glover, Gagne, Dadabo

Week 16

Monday, Ap. 29: Presentations & Conclusions & Evaluations

Presentation: Colangelo

Wednesday, May 1: No class meeting

Friday, May 3: No class meeting

DUE: Tuesday, May 7

  • Revisions (to the original document) Annotated Bibliography and/or TPG (if desired).
  • Course Project Summary & Synthesis (See Project page for details) (in Shared Drive: email me)