Schedule & Content

Update 10/10/2021

  • ENVS 100.1: Introduction to Environment & Sustainability meets MWF
    • Section 2: 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM  in 207 SCSC
    • Section 1: 11:00 AM – 11:50 AM  in 207 SCSC
      • for now, we will utilize the same schedule for both class sections
  • ENVS 100.2/400.1: Conversations Toward a Sustainable Future meets M at 12:00-12:50 pm in 207 SCSC
  • ENVS 100.1 Readings: RHM = Paul Robbins, John Hintz, and Sarah A. Moore, Environment & Society: A Critical Introduction (2nd edition)

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So you don’t blamp out on all the exciting concepts I talk about, I’m asking that you submit (via Google Forms) one keyword (your choice) and its definition from each class lecture (not including meetings about the course project, or student presentations, etc.)

The submission form and explanation are here.

I’ve indicated on the schedule below (and on the ENVS 100.1 Calendar: see Syllabus) when keywords are due.

Week 1: Environment & Sustainability

Monday, Aug. 23: No class meeting

Monday, Aug. 23: ENVS 100.2/400.1: No class meeting

Wednesday, Aug. 25: Delaware Run

Friday, Aug. 27: What is this Class?

Due: Subscribe to ENVS 100.1 Calendar: see Syllabus or Project Page

Week 2: Some Background

Read: RHM Ch. 1 Introduction
Read: Your assigned RHM chapter (on Projects page; assigned Friday)
Glance @ Assessing Your Environmental Values

Monday, Aug. 30: Humans, Environments, and the Anthropocene I

Due: One keyword from Aug. 30 lecture by Sept. 1 (form here)

Monday, Aug. 30: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Introduction: Overview of course; introductions; Project Drawdown

Wednesday, Sept. 1: Humans, Environments, and the Anthropocene II

Due: One keyword from Sept. 1 lecture by Sept. 5 (form here)

Friday, Sept. 3: Your RHM Chapter & Who is in this class & Preliminary Project Ideas

Assign: Your assigned RHM chapter (9-17) (on Projects page): ready by Wed., Sept. 8. & check presentation date on schedule.
Contact: Your chapter co-presenter

Week 3: Catastrophe and Triumph & Projects

Read: Your assigned RHM chapter (on Projects page) & Howald & Krygier “Scrappy Sustainability”

Monday, Sept. 6: Labor Day (no class meeting)

Monday, Sept. 6: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Labor Day (no class meeting)

Wednesday, Sept. 8: Catastrophe and Triumph: Scrappy Sustainability

Due: One keyword from Sept. 8 lecture by Sept. 10 (form here)

Friday, Sept. 10: Discussion of Chapter Review, Values, Ideas for Specific Project Proposal 

Present: ideas for specific course  project to class; email to instructor by 4 pm
Chapter Review

Saturday, Sept. 11: Bonus Fun! Olentangy River Festival! Information here.

Week 4: Approaches & Things

Read: Assessing Your Environmental Values,  Transferable Skills
Read: RHM Ch. 2 Population & Scarcity, 9 Carbon Dioxide, 10 Trees

Monday, Sept. 13: Project Ideas (cont.) & Approach: Population & Scarcity I [We talked about project ideas too long!]

Monday, Sept. 13: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Networking w/OWU Citizens’ Climate Lobby (Brianna DeMuth), Tree House (SK), SEAL (Graham Steed), Seminary Hill Farm (Mikayla Watts), Wilderness Ministry / Chaplain’s Office (Will Hayes)

ENVS 100.2: Brief notes on session, two questions, ask one during meeting
ENVS 400.1: Senior perspectives on living on campus and clubs: at least one comment during meeting.

Wednesdaty, Sept. 15: Approach: Population & Scarcity II [class tragically cancelled]

Due: One keyword from Sept. 13 and one keyword from Sept. 15 lecture by Sept. 17 (form here)

Friday, Sept. 17:  Things: students present & discuss: Carbon Dioxide & Trees 

Due: Chapter review shared by 9 am

Week 5: Approaches & Things

Read RHM Ch. 3 Markets & Commodities, 11 Wolves, 12 Uranium

Monday, Sept. 20: Approach: Population & Scarcity

Due: Two keywords from Sept. 20 lecture/Population Chapter in RHM by Sept. 24 (form here)

Monday, Sept. 20: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Assign Course Reflection Project, Discussion:

• “How John Muir’s Brand of Conservation Led to the Decline of Yosemite”
• “Cornered by Protected Areas”
• “Dibaginjigaadeg Anishinaabe Ezhitwaad, a Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu” (video)

Wedbesday, Sept. 22: OWU Writing Center & Sagan ARCApproach: Markets & Commodities

Due: One keyword from Sept. 20 and one keyword from Sept. 22 lecture by Sept. 24 (form here)

Friday, Sept. 24: Things: students present & discuss: Wolves & Uranium 

Week 6: Approaches & Project Focus Topic Ideas

Read RHM Ch. 4 Institutions & The Commons

Monday, Sept. 27: Approach: Markets & Commodities

Due: Two keywords from Markets & Commodities by Sept. 29 (form here)

Monday, Sept. 27: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Sustainability Task Force Meeting (STF) in 201 Merrick Hall

Wedsneday, Sept. 29: Approach: Institutions & the Commons

Due: Two keywords from Institution & the Commons by Oct. 1 (form here)

Friday, Oct. 1: Brief Presentation of Course Project Focus Topic Idea

Due: Refined and doable project topic

Week 7: Things

Read RHM Ch. 13 Tuna, 14 Lawns, 15 Bottled Water, 16 French Fries, 17 E-Waste

Monday, Oct. 4: Things: students present & discuss: Tuna & Lawns

Monday, Oct. 4: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Dr. Nathan Rowley

Read: Greenland Is Melting Away (NYT; check email for login)

ENVS 1oo.2: due: draft of Freshman/Sophomore E&S Plans for the Future Document
ENVS 400.1: due: draft of Senior E&S Achievement & Assessment Document

ENVS 100.2/400.1: Share & Comment on Documents

Wednesday, Oct. 6: Things: students present & discuss: Bottled Water & French Fries

Friday, Oct. 8: Things: students present & discuss: E-Waste (& Trees, 9am section only)

     Due: Finalized focus topic shared by 4 pm

Week 8: Project Sources & Mid-Semester Break

Monday, Oct. 11: No Class Meeting (ENVS 100.1 only)

Monday, Oct. 11: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Meet and Paper Exchange

Wednesday, Oct. 13: Mid-semester break (no class meeting)

Friday, Oct. 15: Mid-semester break (no class meeting)

Week 9: Project Focus Topic Sources

Read RHM Ch. 5 Environmental Ethics

Monday, Oct. 18: Finding Focus Topic Sources I

Monday, Oct. 18: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Discussion:

• 9 Rules for the Black Birdwatcher (Orion)
• How Am I Going to Be Perceived as a Black Man With Binoculars? (Vanity Fair) (also, PDF)
• I’m a black climate expert. Racism derails our efforts to save the planet (Washington Post)
• On the Stubborn Whiteness of Environmentalism (Inside Higher Ed)

Wednesday, Oct. 20: Finding Focus Topic Sources II

Friday, Oct. 22: Approach: Environmental Ethics I

Week 10: Approaches & Project

Read RHM Ch. 6 Risks & Hazards

Monday, Oct. 25: Approach: Environmental Ethics II

Due: One keyword from Oct. 22 and one keyword from Oct. 25 lecture by Oct. 27 (form here)

Monday, Oct. 25: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Sustainability Task Force Meeting (STF) in 201 Merrick Hall

Wednesday, Oct. 27: Olentangy Watershed Forum [or Sharing & Questions session}

Due: Share one of 6 sources with class (all 6 due Friday, Nov. 5)

Friday, Oct. 29: Approach: Risks & Hazards I

Week 11: Approaches

Read: RHM Ch. 7 Political Economy

Monday, Nov. 1: Approach: Risks & Hazards II

Due: One keyword from Oct. 29 and one keyword from Nov. 1 lecture by Nov. 3 (form here)
Revisions of RHM Chapter Review (if needed)

Monday, Nov 1: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Dr. Laurie Anderson (readings TBA)

ENVS 100.2: Due: Read and commented on drafts of 400.1 documents (Now due Sunday, April 18)
ENVS 400.1: Due: Read and commented on drafts of  100.2 documents (Now due Sunday, April 18)

Wednesday, Nov. 3: Approach: Political Economy I 
Friday, Nov. 5: Approach: Political Economy II

Due: One keyword from Nov. 3 and one keyword from Nov. 5 lecture by Nov. 7 (form here)
: Focus topic sources (2 books, 2 articles, 2 WWW sources, proper citation style) share by 4 pm.

Week 12: Approaches

Read RHM Ch. 8 Social Construction of Nature

Monday, Nov. 8: Annotated Bibliography & Draft TPG Proposal & Final Presentation Workshop

Monday, Nov. 8: ENVS 100.2/400.1:  TBA

Wednesday, Nov. 10: Approach: Social Construction of Nature I

Friday, Nov. 12: Approach: Social Construction of Nature II

Due: One keyword from Nov. 10 and one keyword from Nov. 12 lecture by Nov. 14 (form here)

Week 13: Presentations I

Monday, Nov. 15: Work on Annotated Bibliography (no class meeting)

Monday, Nov. 15: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Presentations

ENVS 400.1: Seniors present 5-minute reflection on time at OWU
ENVS 100.2: Freshmen/sophomores present 5-minute preliminary plan for future at OWU

Wednesday, Nov. 17: Presentations of Student Projects (about 15 minutes each)

Section 2:
Section 1:
Due: Annotated Bibliography (250-300 words per source) share by 4 pm.

Friday, Nov. 19: Presentations of Student Projects (about 15 minutes each)

Section 2:
Section 1:

Week 14: Thanksgiving

Monday, Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Break (no class meeting)
Monday, Nov. 22: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Thanksgiving Break (no class meeting)
Wednesday, Nov. 24: Thanksgiving Break (no class meeting)
Friday, Nov. 26: Thanksgiving Break (no class meeting)

Week 15: Presentations II

Monday, Nov. 29: Presentations of Student Projects (about 15 minutes each)

Section 2:
Section 1:
Due: Draft TPG Proposal (2-3 pages) share by 4 pm.

Monday, Nov. 29: ENVS 100.2/400.1: Sustainability Task Force Meeting (STF) in 201 Merrick Hall

Wednesday, Dec 1: Presentation of Student Projects (about 15 minutes each)

Section 2:
Section 1:

Friday, Dec. 3: Presentation of Student Projects (about 15 minutes each)

Section 2:
Section 1:

Week 16: Presentations II & Finish

Monday, Dec. 6: Presentations of Student Projects (about 15 minutes each)

Section 2:
Section 1:

Monday, Dec. 6: Presentations

ENVS 100.2: Freshmen/sophomores present 5-minute preliminary plan for future at OWU + Discussion of More Conversations 
ENVS 1oo.2: due: revised, final Freshman/Sophomore E&S Plans for the Future Document

ENVS 400.1: due: revised, final Senior E&S Achievement & Assessment Document

Wednesday, Dec. 8: Presentations of Student Projects (about 15 minutes each)

Section 2:
Section 1:

Friday, Dec. 10: Conclusions 

DUE: Course Project Summary & Synthesis (See Project page for details) due by the end of the scheduled remote final period.