Schedule & Content

Update 4/27/2020: Updated for Coronavirus Edition of Course

  • ENVS 110 (100.1): Introduction to Environment & Sustainability meets MWF at 11-11:50am EST  in 207 SCSC on Zoom.
  • ENVS 198 (100.1)/498 (400.1): Conversations Toward a Sustainable Future meets W at 12:10-1 pm in 207 SCSC on Zoom.
  • Readings: RHM = Paul Robbins, John Hintz, and Sarah A. Moore, Environment & Society: A Critical Introduction (2nd edition)

Resources for course and project:

  • ENVS 110 Course Project Library Resources
  • Holly Birk, Public Services & Science Librarian (
    • Hobson Science Library, Room 282. Research help for students Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM and on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.
    • Beeghly Library, Room 141 other times

Additional Resources:

Week 1: Environment & Sustainability & Your Backyard (Delaware, OH, for now)

Monday, Jan. 13: No class meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 15: Delaware Run …

ENVS 198 (100.1)/498 (400.1): Introduction: Overview of course; introductions; discuss possible focus topics for future sessions, introduction to Project Drawdown by Dr. Laurie Anderson

Friday, Jan. 17: What is this Class?

Week 2: Some Background
Read: RHM Ch. 1
Read: Your assigned RHM chapter (see list in email and on projects page)

Monday, Jan. 20: MLK Day: No Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 22: Humans, Environments, and the Anthropocene I & II

       Assign: RHM chapter (9-17) to each student & read for Wednesday, Jan. 29 meeting

ENVS 198 (100.2)/498 (400.1): ): Networking I: E&W, Tree House, Citizens’ Climate Lobby etc. starring Mahnoor Ansari & Kait Aromy & Juniper Deitering & Mackenzie MacDonald
ENVS 198: Brief notes on session, two questions, ask one during meeting
ENVS 498: Senior perspectives on living on campus and clubs: at least one comment during meeting.

Friday, Jan. 24: Caroline Cicerchi, Delaware Watershed & Sustainability Coordinator

Week 3: Catastrophe and Triumph I
Read: Your assigned RHM chapter
Read: Assessing Your Environmental Values
Read Howald & Krygier “Scrappy Sustainability”

Monday, Jan. 27: Janelle Valdinger: City fo Delaware & OWU Career Connection Catalyst
Wednesday, Jan. 29: Catastrophe and Triumph I & II: Introduction to Course Project

ENVS 198 (100.2)/498 (400.1): Assign Course Reflection Project, Focus Topic Discussion led by Dr. Anderson

Friday, Jan. 31: Discussion of Chapter Review, Values, Ideas for Specific Project Proposal
       Assign: Student presentations of RHM chapters (see below); develop specific project proposal idea; Present  your rough ideas for focus topics to the class and email to instructor by 4 pm

Week 4: Approaches & Perspectives & Things I
Read (reminder): Your assigned RHM chapter and Assessing Your Environmental Values
Read: RHM Ch. 2, 9, 10, Transferable Skills

Monday, Feb. 3: Population & Scarcity I
Wednesdaty, Feb. 5: Population & Scarcity II

ENVS 198 (100.2)/498 (400.1): Sustainability Task Force Meeting (STF, 202 Merrick)

Friday, Feb. 7:  Things I: students present & discuss: Carbon Dioxide, Trees
       Due: Chapter review shared  by 9 am

Week 5: Approaches & Perspectives & Things II
Read RHM Ch. 3, 11, 12

Monday, Feb. 10: Markets & Commodities I
Wedbesday, Feb. 12: Markets & Commodities II

ENVS 198 (100.2)/498 (400.1): Networking II: Jay Scheffel (B&G) & Ed Pullin (ABM)

Friday, Feb. 14: Things II: students present & discuss: Wolves, Uranium

Week 6: Approaches & Perspectives & Things III
Read RHM Ch. 4, 13, 14

Monday, Feb. 17:  Institutions & the Commons I
Wedsneday, Feb. 19: Institutions & the Commons II

ENVS 198 (100.2)/498 (400.1): Networking III: Jim Pearce (AVI)

Friday, Feb. 21: Things III: students present & discuss: Tuna, Lawns

Week 7: Approaches & Perspectives & Things IV
Read RHM ch. 5

Monday, Feb. 24: Martine Stephens: OWU Writing Center & Sagan ARC & Brief Presentation of Course Project Focus Topics
Wednesday, Feb. 26: Environmental Ethics I
       Due: Focus topic shared by 4 pm

ENVS 100.2/400.1: Mike Shelton, Associate Director, Ohio State University Sustainability Institute
ENVS 1oo.2: due: draft of Freshman/Sophomore E&S Plans for the Future Document
ENVS 400.1: due: draft of Senior E&S Achievement & Assessment Document

ENVS 100.2/400.1: Share & Comment on Documents

Friday, Feb. 28: Environmental Ethics II

Week 8: Course Project: Focus Topic Sources
Read RHM ch. 5

Monday, March 2: Finding Focus Topic Sources
Wednesday, March 4: Finding Focus Topic Sources

Sustainability Task Force Meeting (STF, 202 Merrick)

Friday, March 6: Finding Focus Topic Sources

Week 9: Spring Break

Monday, March 9: No Class Meeting
Wednesday, March 11: No Class Meeting
Friday, March 13: No Class Meeting

Week 10: Cornavacation

Monday, March 16: No Class Meeting
Wednesday, March 18: No Class Meeting

ENVS 100.2/400.1: Speaker or Focus Topic Discussion led by Dr. Anderson
ENVS 100.2: Due: Read and commented on drafts of 400.1 documents

ENVS 400.1: Due: Read and commented on drafts of  100.2 documents

Friday, March 20: No Class Meeting

Coronavirus Edition of ENVS 100.1: Meet on Zoom at class time (11-11:50 EST). Access via web or phone. See ENVS 100.1 Coronavirus Edition

Week 11: Coronavirus Edition of ENVS 100.1 + Projects + Things V
Read RHM ch. 15, 16, 17

Monday, March 23: Meet on Zoom: Topic: WTF & The Rest of the Semester (Coronavirus Edition) (video/audio recording)
Wednesday, March 25: Meet on Zoom (Annotated Bibliography information)

ENVS 400.1: Zoom about #OWUENVS (video/audio recording)

Friday, March 27: Meet on Zoom: Bottled Water & French Fries & E-Waste

Due:Revisions of RHM Chapter Review (if needed)
: Presentations for Bottled Water & French Fries & E-Waste share by 4 pm.

Week 12: Approaches VI
Read RHM ch. 6

Monday, March 30: Meet on Zoom: Risks & Hazards (video/audio recording)

Due: Focus topic sources (2 books, 2 articles, 2 WWW sites, proper citation style) share by 4 pm.

Wednesday, April 1: Meet on Zoom: Risks & Hazards + Enviro News Sharing (video/audio recording)

ENVS 400.1: Zoom about Virtual Earth Day (video/audio recording)

Friday, April 3: Meet on Zoom: catchup, questions, etc. + Enviro News Sharing (video/audio recording)

Week 13: Approaches VII
Read RHM ch. 7

Monday, April 6: Meet on Zoom: Political Economy  + Enviro News Sharing (video/audio recording)
Wednesday, April 8: Meet on Zoom: Political Economy  + Enviro News Sharing (video/audio recording)

ENVS 400.1: Seniors present 5-minute reflection on time at OWU on Zoom
ENVS 100.2: Freshmen/sophomores present 5-minute preliminary plan for future at OWU on Zoom

Friday, April 10: Meet on Zoom: Political Economy  (video/audio recording)

Due: Annotated Bibliography (250-300 words per source) share by 4 pm.

Week 14: Approaches VIII
Read RHM ch. 8

Monday, April 13: Meet on Zoom: (Specific Project Proposal information) + Enviro News Sharing
Wednesday, April 15: Meet on Zoom: Social Construction of Nature + Enviro News Sharing (video/audio recording)

ENVS 100.2: Freshmen/sophomores present 5-minute preliminary plan for future at OWU on Zoom (video/audio recording)

Extra 5: Thursday, April 16: Kristen Lear ’11: “Social and Ecological Complexities of Bat and Coronavirus Ecology” 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm EST
Friday, April 17:
Meet on Zoom: Discussion of More ConversationsSocial Construction of Nature + Enviro News Sharing (video & audio recording)

Due: Draft of specific project proposal (2-3 pages) share by 4 pm.

Week 15: Presentations

Extra 5: Sunday, April 19: Earth Day 1: Photo and Social Media (see Virtual Earth Day)
Monday, April 20: 
Meet on Zoom: Quick Presentations of Projects I: MacDonald, Spranger, Patton, Rancher, White (video & audio recording)
Extra 10: Monday, April 20: Earth Day 2: Foot Print Calculator + Share (see Virtual Earth Day)
Extra 10: Tuesday, April 21: Earth Day 2: Earth Day Sign + Share (see Virtual Earth Day)
Wednesday, April 22: Meet on Zoom: Quick Presentations of Projects II: Fujimura, Sprunger, Langford, Goergen, Wheaton (video & audio)
Extra 20: Wednesday, April 22: Earth Day 3: Watch and Discuss Anote’s Ark (see Virtual Earth Day) 8 pm EST

ENVS 100.2: Freshmen/sophomores present 5-minute preliminary plan for future at OWU on Zoom + Discussion of More Conversations (video & audio)
ENVS 1oo.2: due: revised, final Freshman/Sophomore E&S Plans for the Future Document

ENVS 400.1: due: revised, final Senior E&S Achievement & Assessment Document

Extra 10: Thursday, April 23: Earth Day 4: Call – Activism + Share (see Virtual Earth Day)
Friday, April 24:
Meet on Zoom: Quick Presentations of Projects III: Watts, Raimi, McFarland, Mason, McConkey (video & audio)
Extra 10: Friday, April 24: Earth Day 5: Interactive cooking on Zoom with Chef Del Sroufe (see Virtual Earth Day5:30-7pm EST

Week 16: Finish

Monday, April 27: Meet on Zoom: Quick Presentations of Projects IV: Richardson, See & Course Conclusions (video & audio)
       Due: Revisions to Annotated Bibliography and Proposal (if you choose; email instructor)

Wednesday, April 29: No Class Meeting

ENVS 198 (100.2)/498 (400.1): No Class Meeting – Submit online course evaluations

Friday, May 1: No Class Meeting

DUE: Course Project Summary & Synthesis due Monday, May 4, at noon. See Project page for details.