Updated  4/7/2023

ENVS 198/498: Conversations Toward a Sustainable Future
Wednesday, 12:10-1:00 pm in 207 SCSC

Instructor: Dr. John Krygier
Office: Schimmel-Conrades Science Center 206
Office Hours:  Typically MW 9:15-noon but email me a specific time you want to meet. Email for other times. |

ENVS 198/498 meet together, Wednesday at noon in 207 SCSC. 198 is for new ENVS majors. 498 is for graduating majors.

Course Description: A combined cornerstone (198) / capstone (498) course that allows new Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors and graduating seniors to engage with each other. Seniors will present work completed at OWU and reflect on the experiences gained in internships, field study, research, and other theory-to-practice opportunities. Seniors will interact with and mentor new majors to shape their plans for future work in their majors at OWU. Freshmen/sophomores will also engage with other E&S faculty, campus staff (B&G, AVI), City of Delaware employees, regional NGOs, and other environmental professionals. Occasional readings, videos, and/or recorded presentations on environmental issues will be assigned for discussion. ENVS 198/498 are required of all ENVS majors.

Course texts: None! But some readings (linked) below.

Sharing your work with Instructor: this is how you turn stuff in

    • Go to your OWU Drive account
    • Create a new folder with the course and your last name
      • +New button (upper left) >> then Folder
      • Robert Smith’s folder would be: ENVS 198 Smith
        • or ENVS 498 Smith if you are in that class instead
      • Share that folder with Dr. Krygier (Editor)
      • When done with your work, put in shared folder and email instructor.

Schedule – More updates coming!

Week 1

Wednesday, Jan. 18: ENVS 198/498: Introduction: Overview of course, projects, Meet and chat with your Conversations mentor or mentees (see Match-ups below); Project Drawdown

Week 2

Wednesday, Jan. 25: ENVS 198/498: Read for discussion: “Why Achieving a ‘Circular Economy’ Is Important for Effective Climate Action” and “How Water Cycles Can Help Prevent Disastrous Floods and Drought.”

Present: Google “circular economy” and be ready to share thoughts, ideas, etc.
Google doc (“Jan 25 Comments”) with 3 comments, questions, sharables, etc. (in shared folder)

Week 3

Wednesday, Feb. 1: ENVS 198/498: STF Meeting (Merrick 301)

Week 4

Wednesday, Feb. 8: ENVS 198/498: Read “Weaving Indigenous knowledge into the scientific method.” Here is a PDF. Also, Introduction to Fresh Banana Leaves (2022)

Present: Google “indigenous science” and be ready to share thoughts, ideas, etc.
Google doc (“Feb 8 Comments”) with 3 comments, questions, sharables, etc. (in shared folder)

Week 5

Wednesday, Feb. 15: ENVS 198/498: ENVS Student Discussion of Internships, REUs, etc.

ENVS 198: Please be prepared to speak up on your hopes for internships, REUs, or other co-curricular experiences while at OWU
ENVS 498: Please be prepared to share cool stuff you have done, pro-tips, and suggestions for the 198ers.

Week 6

Wednesday, Feb. 22: ENVS 198/498: ENVS Faculty Showcase + Jimmy John’s Sammiches!

Week 7

Wednesday, March  1: ENVS 198/498: STF Meeting (Merrick 301)

Week 8

Wednesday, March. 8: ENVS 198/498: No class meeting!

ENVS 198: Due: 198  document (share with Krygier)
ENVS 498: Due: 498 document (share with Krygier)
Do: Make sure to share your documents with students reviewing your document

Week 9: Spring Break

Wednesday, March 15: Spring Break!

Week 10

Wednesday, March 22: 198/498: A selection of readings from 4 years ago.

12:10-12:20: groups come up with a 5-minute blurb: why is this reading worth reading?
12:20-12:30: “How John Muir’s Brand of Conservation Led to the Decline of Yosemite” – Arnold (Fratz, Pieterse) + Wheaton (Van Zilj, Wolfingbarger, Zhou)
12:30-12:40: “Speaking of Nature” Fujimura (Howard, LImes) + Chando (Geddes) + Mazabras (Nagle, Payne)
12:40-12:50: “How to Raise an Environmentalist” – Coleman (Deal, Trussell) + Howe (Luttman, Meek)
12:50-1:00: “9 Rules for the Black Birdwatcher” – Fornara (Gullate, Hagans, Hornacek) + Rancher (Shoup, Skidmore)

Week 11

Wednesday, March 29: ENVS 198/498: Alexander Clemetson

Read: TBA
ENVS 198: Due: Read and commented on drafts of 498 documents
ENVS 498: Due: Read and commented on drafts of  198 documents

Week 12

Wednesday, April 5: ENVS 198/498: STF Meeting (Merrick 301)

Week 13

Wednesday, April 12: ENVS 198/498:Presentations

ENVS 498: Some Intern Experiences (Matthew K + other guests) + Seniors present 10-minute reflection on time at OWU

Week 14

Wednesday, April 19: 198/498: Presentations

ENVS 498: Seniors present 10-minute reflection on time at OWU
ENVS 198: Freshmen/sophomores present 5-minute preliminary plan for future at OWU

Week 15

Wednesday, April 26: 198/498: Presentations & Lunch

ENVS 198: Freshmen/sophomores present 5-minute preliminary plan for future at OWU
ENVS 198: Due: revised, final Freshman/Sophomore E&S Plans for the Future Document
ENVS 498: Due: revised, final Senior E&S Achievement & Assessment Document

Course Projects

Seniors (498) will produce a reflective and critical assessment of their experiences at OWU as an E&S major.

Freshmen/sophomores (198) will produce a plan for their future at OWU, based on experiences in the course (including networking and interaction with seniors).

Non-majors in the class: Feel free to modify this format to fit your circumstances (talk to Krygier)

Senior E&S Achievement & Assessment Document: 3-4 pages includes

  • 1 paragraph: Personal introduction, statement of (to the best of your memory!) your general academic goals when you started at OWU, and where you find yourself now, in your final year at OWU. You can look back at the stuff you wrote for ENVS 198 as most of you took that course!
  • 1 page: Achievement: Review of key E&S-related coursework, research, internships, OWU Connection experiences, travel abroad, extracurricular activities, and outcomes. What accomplishments are you most proud of? Or which were most impactful?
  • 1-2 pages: Documentation of two experiences that had the most positive impact on your OWU E&S education; two things you, in hindsight, found lacking in your E&S education or things you regret not doing (or doing sooner). The latter can include suggestions for modifications or developments of the E&S program at OWU
  • 1 paragraph: Imagine you are in a job interview for your dream job, and you need to explain to your potential employer, in a few eloquent sentences, what relevant employment skills your environmental coursework and projects have allowed you to develop. Look at the list of transferable skills provided for ideas and write a short paragraph describing your skills and strengths in clear, concise, accessible language. Think of this as your “elevator pitch” for your future!
  • 1 paragraph: Advice for freshmen and sophomore majors
  • 1 paragraph: Your future plans, and how your efforts at OWU shaped them.
  • Slides for presentation (in shared folder) final weeks of semester

Freshman/Sophomore E&S Plans for the Future Document: 3 pages include

  • 1 paragraph: Personal introduction, statement of your general academic goals at OWU, and where you hope to find yourself when you graduate from OWU.
  • 1 page: Articulate specific parts of your OWU education you have and plan to participate in: this includes E&S-related coursework, research, internships, OWU Connection experiences, OWU Career Connection experiences, travel abroad, and extracurricular activities. Not quite knowing is OK, but speculate on what opportunities seem to be of more interest to you.
  • 1 page: Comment on your experience in ENVS 198 this semester. This includes readings and discussions, visitors, STF meetings, etc.
  • 1 paragraph: What is the most important goal you have at this point at OWU, and what do you need to do to make it happen? For example, you want to write a TPG grant to travel to the Amazon, get academic and internship experience with urban planning, combine research on water quality with a travel learning course or semester abroad, etc. What are the biggest impediments to this goal?
  • Slides for presentation (in shared folder) final weeks of semester
Here are the match-ups for Spring 2023 (adjusted)
Arnold, Alena Marie Fratz, Kevin J.
Pieterse, Emma Elisabeth
Chando, Ernest Chapeyama Geddes, Tara N.
Graham, Charlotte H.
Maddie Coleman Deal, Devyn M
Trussell, Abigail E.
Fornara, Josie Hope Gullatte, Rheigna S.
Hagans, Carsyn K.
Hornacek, Charlie
Fujimura, Madeline Claire Howard, Maddy L.
Limes, Hallee R.
Howe, Morgan Robert Luttman, Eleanor Ying
Meek, Cooper C.
Mazabras, Carl Daniel Nagel, Chris Mathias
Payne, Jack T.
Rancher, Wesley E. Shoup, Joe P.
Skidmore, Connor A.
Wheaton, McKenna Elizabeth Van Zijl, Stephanie
Wolfingbarger, Chase B.
Zhou, Kevin