Mattox Week 6

Zip Codes: All zip codes in Delaware County from censuses, tax mailing addresses, and postal scrive websites. 

Recorded Document: Points representing miscellaneous documents in Delaware, Ohio.

School District: School districts in Delaware county from parcel records. 

Mapping Sheet: All of the areas in Delaware county clearly divided and showing each individual map sheet all together. 

Farm Lot: Military service district farm lot boundaries.

Township: Boundaries of 19 different townships in Delaware county. 

Street Centerline: Paved private and public roads.

Annexation: Conforming boundaries dating back to 1853.

Condo:  Condominium polygon boundaries in Delaware.

Subdivision: All subdivisions and condos in Delaware. 

Survey: Surveys represented as points similar to the recorded documents. 

Dedicated ROW: Designated right-of-way lines.

Tax District: Tax districts within Delaware county. 

GPS: GPS monuments between 1991 and 1997.

Original Township: Similar to township data.

Address Points: Central points on homes representing addresses. 

Precinct: Voting from the Delaware County Board of Elections.

Hydrology: Major waterways.

Building Outline 2021: All structures in Delaware County outlined.

Parcel: All cadastral parcel lines within Delaware County. 

PLSS: Public land survey system polygons in military survey districts. 

2022 Leaf-on Imagery: I couldn’t see a map or information on this one. 

Delaware County Contours: Contours showing elevation in Delaware County. 

Delaware County E911 Data: Accident reporting points.

Brokaw Week 6

Zip Code – All zip codes within Delaware, OH however roads with no zip codes were manually populated by their location.

Recorded Document – datasets contain points that are recorded documents in Delaware County. It was made to help find missing documents in the County.

School District – This set contains all school districts in Delaware County and was created for the Auditor’s parcel records.

Map Sheet – Contains the map sheet of Delaware County. 

Farm Lot – All farm lots in the Virginia Military and US military for the Survey Districts. 

Township – To identify the geographic boundaries of each township. 

Street Centerline – The center of private and public roads. Used for 911 emergency response, appraisal mapping, accident reports, disaster management. 

Annexation – All Delaware County annexations and conforming boundaries from 1853.

Condo – Dataset consists of condominiums polygons in Delaware County. 

Subdivision – All subdivisions and condoms recorded in Delaware County Recorder’s office.

Survey – The survey points are a shapefile of a point coverage that represents all surveys of land. All surveys were scanned and saved as a pdf file.

Dedicated ROW – all dedicated road right of way polygons in Delaware County. 

Tax Districts – Data set has all tax districts in Delaware County, Ohio.

GPS – identifies all GPS monuments set between 1991 and 1997 the Coordinates are in Universal Transverse Mercator Northing and Easting. 

Original Township – all original boundaries of the townships before the tax district changed . 

Address Points (DXF) – The State of Ohio Location Based Response Systems (LBRS) address points show a spatially accurate placement of address in a parcel. 

Precinct – Polygons that determine each voting boundary. 

Hydrology – all major waterways in Delaware County. 

Building Outline 2021 – all building outlines of structures. 

Parcel – all parcels in Delaware County.

PLSS – all polygons depicting the boundaries of 2 public military  land survey districts.

Street Centerlines (DXF) – The State of Ohio LBRS street centerlines are the center [pavement of all private and public roads. 

Address Point – The State of Ohio LBRS address points data are spatially accurate representation of all certified addresses. 

2022 Leaf-On Imagery (SID file) – includes 2021 Imagery (SID file), Township, Original Township, and Recorded Document. 

Delaware County Contours – 2018 2ft contours for the county is a geodatabase format. 

Delaware County E911 Data – The layer can reverse geocode a set of coordinates to determine the closest valid address for 911 agencies. 

Address Points – layer is intended to support appraisal mapping, and 911 Emergency Response. 

Street Centerlines –  layer is intended to support appraisal mapping, and 911 Emergency Response. 

2021 Imagery (SID File) – contains 2022 Leaf-On-Imagery (SID file), zip code, recorded document, dedicated ROW.