Revised 8/22/2023

Geog 291: Geospatial Analysis with Desktop GIS
Fall Semester 2023: Module 1: 8/23/2023 to 10/10/2023
Meetings: TBA

Instructor: Dr. John Krygier
Office: Schimmel-Conrades Science Center 206
Office Hours: Typically MF 9:15-10, 11-1, 2; W 9:15-10, 11-12, 2 but email me a specific time you want to meet. |

GEOG 291 Geospatial Analysis with Desktop GIS familiarizes students with software for performing geospatial analysis with a focus on desktop (PC) software, ArcGIS Pro. An overview of software functions and capabilities is provided, along with hands-on work with the software. Progress is assessed with a series of applied exercises. This is a semi-independent course, with progress posted to this blog, arranged meetings with the instructor, and assistance as needed from the instructor.

Weekly meetings: Each student briefly comments on progress, problems, and solutions if discovered. Share the joy of ArcGIS Pro with peers. Also, time for any technical help. I will poll students and find 3 to 4 hours weekly when I can meet. I’d like you to check in at least 2 of those times each week to keep you on track and engaged.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding key concepts, functions, and operation of desktop GIS software
  • Ability to perform different analytical tasks given a selection of different kinds of real-world data 
  • Understand how desktop GIS could be used in applications specific to student’s academic interests


GIS Lab: 207 SCSC

Most of you are familiar with the GIS Lab (207 SCSC). You will need to use one of the computers in the GIS lab for this course. ArcGIS Pro is available on all of these computers. Pick one, and put a note on the computer: Geog 291 <Name>. It’s ok to ask someone in the class to move computers if your stuff is on the specific computer, but be nice. Check the schedule outside SCSC 207 to see when the room is available.

I’ll give you a secret code to get in the room after hours (it’s open 7am-7pm M-F) and also get your OWU ID card access to the Science Center.

ArcGIS Software

ArcGIS Pro requires Windows Desktop: If you have a suitable computer, you can install ArcGIS Pro on it: ArcGIS Pro 3.0 System Requirments. You should be able to download ArcGIS Pro via your ArcGIS Online account.

ArcGIS Online works on any newer browser and computer. I’ll provide you with an OWU ArcGIS Online account. Make sure you are logging into the OWU ArcGIS account (it’s easy to log into a free, low-function account for some reason).