Brokaw Week 6

Zip Code – All zip codes within Delaware, OH however roads with no zip codes were manually populated by their location.

Recorded Document – datasets contain points that are recorded documents in Delaware County. It was made to help find missing documents in the County.

School District – This set contains all school districts in Delaware County and was created for the Auditor’s parcel records.

Map Sheet РContains the map sheet of Delaware County. 

Farm Lot РAll farm lots in the Virginia Military and US military for the Survey Districts. 

Township РTo identify the geographic boundaries of each township. 

Street Centerline РThe center of private and public roads. Used for 911 emergency response, appraisal mapping, accident reports, disaster management. 

Annexation – All Delaware County annexations and conforming boundaries from 1853.

Condo РDataset consists of condominiums polygons in Delaware County. 

Subdivision РAll subdivisions and condoms recorded in Delaware County Recorder’s office.

Survey – The survey points are a shapefile of a point coverage that represents all surveys of land. All surveys were scanned and saved as a pdf file.

Dedicated ROW Рall dedicated road right of way polygons in Delaware County. 

Tax Districts РData set has all tax districts in Delaware County, Ohio.

GPS Рidentifies all GPS monuments set between 1991 and 1997 the Coordinates are in Universal Transverse Mercator Northing and Easting. 

Original Township Рall original boundaries of the townships before the tax district changed . 

Address Points (DXF) РThe State of Ohio Location Based Response Systems (LBRS) address points show a spatially accurate placement of address in a parcel. 

Precinct РPolygons that determine each voting boundary. 

Hydrology Рall major waterways in Delaware County. 

Building Outline 2021 Рall building outlines of structures. 

Parcel – all parcels in Delaware County.

PLSS Рall polygons depicting the boundaries of 2 public military  land survey districts.

Street Centerlines (DXF) РThe State of Ohio LBRS street centerlines are the center [pavement of all private and public roads. 

Address Point РThe State of Ohio LBRS address points data are spatially accurate representation of all certified addresses. 

2022 Leaf-On Imagery (SID file) Рincludes 2021 Imagery (SID file), Township, Original Township, and Recorded Document. 

Delaware County Contours Р2018 2ft contours for the county is a geodatabase format. 

Delaware County E911 Data РThe layer can reverse geocode a set of coordinates to determine the closest valid address for 911 agencies. 

Address Points Рlayer is intended to support appraisal mapping, and 911 Emergency Response. 

Street Centerlines –¬† layer is intended to support appraisal mapping, and 911 Emergency Response.¬†

2021 Imagery (SID File) – contains 2022 Leaf-On-Imagery (SID file), zip code, recorded document, dedicated ROW.

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