“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”: A Spooktacular Evening of English in the Labyrinth

Adorned on either side by the headstones of the deceased, the stage was ready for the ominous performance that would soon grace it. Spiderwebs hung from the trees, glistening with the droplets of the recent rain, shaking with the movement of the spider crawling slowly toward its prey.  Meanwhile a ghost floated stationary in the air, waiting to scare of all who dared pass by.

English Minor Bucket List: Faith Wogan (’20)

  1. Take a writing class with a workshop. It’s nice to read others’ work and have your own work reviewed by others so you can make it better.                                                                                                                 

2. Try different writing genres. I’m a fiction writer, but I was surprised at how interesting I found it when I took writing classes that weren’t in fiction and I got to broaden my horizons and develop more styles, so I don’t feel so boxed into one category.

Spooky Reads: Recommendations by Madison Williams (’20)

“The Yellow Wallpaper” (1892) by Charlotte Perkins:

Written in first person as a collection of journal entries, The Yellow Wallpaper details a woman who is diagnosed with a “slight hysterical tendency” following the birth of her child. Her husband, a doctor, prescribes a rest cure in a mysterious colonial mansion that  does not sit well with the woman.

English Major Bucket List: Erin Brady’s Harry Potter Pilgrimage

If I had to recommend something that every English major should do before they graduate it would be to go on a literary pilgrimage. My mother read me the first Harry Potter book when I was in fifth grade and I have loved the books and movies ever since. Last year I went to London with my mom and I turned a mother-daughter trip into a hunt for Harry Potter book and film sites.

Sturges: A Visual History


Sturges Hall is the place we call home, but did you know that it has changed in purpose, design, and identity many times since its construction in 1885? Click on the slide show below to discover some of its wide-ranging metamorphoses over 130 years!

~ Compiled by Sierra Mainard ~…