What Should You Read Over Winter Break?

Exams are over and Winter break is upon us! Now that there may finally be time to read for fun, take our quiz to get a personalized book recommendation.

What Should You Read Over Winter Break?

You are granted a 5-minute conversation with a historical figure. Who do you pick?

Henry VIII
Amelia Earhart
Jackie Robinson
Julius Caesar

It's Friday night, and all you want to do is watch a movie. What do you turn on?

A light-hearted Romantic Comedy that almost certainly involves puppies and a happy ending. 
A seedy mystery. Murder and mayhem expected.
A superhero movie. What's it going to be? Marvel or DC? 
A documentary that may or may not cause you to have an existential crisis.

What over-taught male author do you secretly adore?

Edgar Allen Poe
James Joyce
William Shakespeare
F. Scott Fitzgerald

How would you react if a letter arrived at your doorstep inviting you to attend Hogwarts?

The day has finally come. My destiny awaits
 Is this for real? I have to do some research to make sure.
    This HAS to be a prank. Maybe. Is it?
Magic shmagic. This piece of paper is going directly into the trash can

How much free time do you have?

A couple of hours a day. 
A few hours here or there
I might have an hour every few days
I am lucky if I get any free time

Which fantasy fiction universe would you most want to live in?

The Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter

Where are you most likely to purchase your books?

An independent bookstore
Barnes and Noble
An online service
Half-Price Books

All 7 questions completed!

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What Should You Read Over Winter Break?

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