The Youth’s Companion

Do you remember the childhood thrill of opening the mailbox to find the latest issue of your favorite magazine? Can you recall the anticipation you felt while quickly leafing through its glossy pages, impatiently scanning the stories, games, and craft ideas? Popular children’s magazines such as National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, American Girl Doll, or Highlights for Children often come to many of our minds when we recall our childhoods.

What We’re Into: Wasteland, Baby!

The closer we come towards the end of the semester, the harder it is for us college students to find time to decompress from the stresses of our everyday lives. Some may struggle to find the time to unwind with competing deadlines and their full schedules. For others, it may be an issue of not having enough money to treat themselves for their hard work.

What We’re Into: Arnold’s Pump Club

With the number of classes, assignments, and responsibilities that many college students face, staying in shape and expanding our knowledge of health and fitness can feel overwhelming. While many student athletes find counsel from coaches or teammates, students like myself, who don’t play a sport but simply want to improve their health, can easily feel lost without a guide in the vast world of health and fitness.

What We’re Into: Caribbean Women Writers

With Women’s History Month coming to an end, now is the perfect time to do some last minute reading of literature written by women. In 1987, the United States Congress passed into public law a set of resolutions which officially set March as “Women’s History Month.” Now, March is recognized in the United States and the Caribbean as a time to honor the remarkable contributions and achievements which extraordinary women have made over the course of history.…

What We’re Into: Dark Histories

Dark Histories, a podcast written and hosted by Ben Cutmore, is a great choice if you adore terrifyingly captivating tales. Under the genres of documentary and history, this strangely addicting podcast tells spooky but less-well-known stories of murder, ghosts, demons, and crime from times long past with sound effects and music.

Grace Zoldak (’25): Why English?

When I began college, I didn’t know that I would eventually declare a major in English in addition to History. However, what I did know was how deeply I loved and appreciated literature and writing. This love wasn’t the “summer fling” sort of love that swoops down and infatuates one for a brief period only to flee as quickly as it began, but rather the product of a continuously evolving relationship with literature that I fostered since I was young. 

Grace McKenney (’27): Why English?

From my earliest moments, I have always known that I wanted to be an author. While other children my age may have spent their afternoons and weekends playing on swing sets or watching cartoons, I was always the kid who spent her spare time locked away in her room either with a stack of paper and a pencil, or on her family computer, writing what my young mind thought would surely be the next great American novel. 

Why Libraries?

The English Department’s student-run blog, The Sturges Script, is excited to announce its theme for Fall 2023: “Why Libraries?” This semester the blog is bringing attention to the importance of libraries–from local libraries to our very own Beeghly Library-The Sturges Script wants to emphasize how impactful libraries are to our communities!  

Library Lovers: Ruth Davies

As you walk through various buildings on campus, have you noticed all the different portraits gazing down on you? Or that the stained glass windows in Slocum depict male historical figures? But who are they, and why are they important? I’d like to bring your attention to one memorable faculty member and Beeghly library patron who has significantly impacted Ohio Wesleyan’s community.