What We’re Into: Therapy Thoughts

Mental health has never been a bigger topic than it is right now. Despite this, some college students still struggle to seek counseling or other necessary resources. While maintaining mental wellness can feel difficult for every college student in the depths of a hectic college life, those who are navigating mental illness often feel as though it is impossible.

What We’re Into: Wasteland, Baby!

The closer we come towards the end of the semester, the harder it is for us college students to find time to decompress from the stresses of our everyday lives. Some may struggle to find the time to unwind with competing deadlines and their full schedules. For others, it may be an issue of not having enough money to treat themselves for their hard work.

What We’re Into: Arnold’s Pump Club

With the number of classes, assignments, and responsibilities that many college students face, staying in shape and expanding our knowledge of health and fitness can feel overwhelming. While many student athletes find counsel from coaches or teammates, students like myself, who don’t play a sport but simply want to improve their health, can easily feel lost without a guide in the vast world of health and fitness.

What We’re Into: Caribbean Women Writers

With Women’s History Month coming to an end, now is the perfect time to do some last minute reading of literature written by women. In 1987, the United States Congress passed into public law a set of resolutions which officially set March as “Women’s History Month.” Now, March is recognized in the United States and the Caribbean as a time to honor the remarkable contributions and achievements which extraordinary women have made over the course of history.…

What We’re Into: Dark Histories

Dark Histories, a podcast written and hosted by Ben Cutmore, is a great choice if you adore terrifyingly captivating tales. Under the genres of documentary and history, this strangely addicting podcast tells spooky but less-well-known stories of murder, ghosts, demons, and crime from times long past with sound effects and music.

Recommended Reading: Being A Librarian: Expectations Vs Reality

There are many common misconceptions about what it means to be a librarian. For example, some believe that librarians have the answer to every question fathomable. This is not true at all! Librarians are not AI come to life, and “Often, it comes down to simply being human.” To find the answers that patrons need, librarians will use the resources that they have, including fellow staff members, to help answer their patrons’ questions.

Dante’s “Inferno:” Nightmare Fuel | Simone Southers

Fantasizing about reading classic literature was (and still is) one of my favorite pastimes. So, when I got the opportunity to read works like Homer’s Illiad and Dante Alighieri’s Inferno with Professor Merkel, you could say that the dark academia wannabe in me was excited. Reading works like these were required for a class called “The Devil, the Hero, and God” which looked at literature that had these interactions.

Books To Add To Your Holiday Wish-List

The holidays are coming up– this is the perfect opportunity to expand your book collection and treat yourself to some new reads. Whether you are looking for an emotionally gripping book, captivating poetry, or a purely self-indulgent read, this list has the perfect story for you.

Fiction and Non-fiction Essays

The following recommendations are a collection of essays or feature elements of essay writing in their composition.

What We’re Into: “Baltimore Lives”

Earlier this semester, I saw at the Ross Art Museum the exhibit “Baltimore Lives,” by photographer, Baltimore native, and Ohio Wesleyan alumni John Clark Mayden. The exhibition consists of a collection of photographs taken between 1970 and 2012 across African-American neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland portraying the every-day-lives of their residents in their routinely habitats.…

What We’re Into: “Storytime,” Seth Rogen’s new podcast

Personally, I’m a die-hard Seth Rogen fan—I love everything he makes from Superbad to pottery, so when I first heard he was coming out with a podcast, I knew I was going to listen to it no matter what. I probably would have loved it even if it was a “typical comedian-hosted chat show,” which the podcast’s description adamantly refuses it is.…