The Sturges Script is the official blog of the Ohio Wesleyan English Department. It is named after Sturges Hall, the home of the English and Comparative Literature departments at OWU.

With its grizzled visage and shoe-worn steps, Sturges is among the most beloved buildings on campus. Like its namesake, The Sturges Script aims to be a home for writing by and about OWU English students and alumni, faculty and friends–a place where fellow “Sturgeans” can share stories and celebrate accomplishments. (Grizzled visages optional.)

Editorial Staff

Isabela Bernstein is the Managing Editor for the Sturges Script. She is an international student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is double-majoring in Comparative Literature and English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, and minoring in Psychology. When she is not looking for a new favorite short story, you can find her writing her own, watching new movies, or complaining about how much she misses her dog.


 Zack Long is the faculty supervisor of The Sturges Script. While not teaching Shakespeare or serving on committees and task forces, he can be found at swim meets across central Ohio watching his daughter compete with the Unified Aquatics Club, rewatching episodes of The Good Place with his wife, and playing bass.



Emeriti Staff

Lily Callander was the Managing Editor for The Sturges Script in Fall 2020. She is an English major with a Literature concentration and a double minor in History and Sociology/Anthropology. When she is not working on homework and going to copious amounts of meetings, she can be found surfing the web for new places to travel, creating future itineraries on her AirBnb app, or dog sitting for her professors.

Madison Williams was a Contributing Editor for the Sturges Script in Fall 2019. She is an English major with a Literature concentration, and a History and Renaissance Studies minor. When she is not listening to 80’s music, you can find her spending all of her money on her three biggest passions: movies, books, and food.


Faith Wogan was a Contributing Editor for the Sturges Script in Fall 2019. She is a first-generation Senior with a Sociology major and an English minor. She works three jobs: two on campus (The Student Involvement Office and Financial Aid) and one off campus (Enchanted Care). When she’s not contributing to school or work, she enjoys watching Friends the TV show or Marvel movies, hula hooping, and spending time with friends and family.


Erin Brady was a Contributing Editor for the Sturges Script in Fall 2019. She is an English major with a Literature concentration. When she’s not doing homework or plotting ways to meet her favorite authors, you can find her reading books, watching cat videos, or drinking sweet tea.



Sierra Mainard was Managing Editor for the Sturges Script in Fall 2018. She is a History and International Studies double major with English and Astronomy minors, an avid baker of cookies, and a lover of theater. You can find her around campus giving tours to prospective students, petting every dog she encounters, or knitting scarves for her friends. She is also a fervent fan of science fiction, thresher sharks, and soup.


Kirsten Whitford was a Contributing Editor for the Sturges Script throughout 2018. She is an English Literature major and Music minor. When she’s not posting on the department Instagram, she’s volunteering at the Delaware Humane Society, compiling a list of every dog she will own in her lifetime. She enjoys steamed broccoli and donuts and loves going to performances of any sort.


Anna L. Davies was the Managing Editor for the Sturges Script in Spring 2018. She is an English major with a History minor, an avid coffee enthusiast, and not ready to admit how many Car Seat Headrest ballads she knows all the words to or how many times she’s contemplated dropping out of school to become a dog care professional while dogsitting for English professors.


Carrie Kubicki was a Contributing Editor for the Sturges Script in 2017-2018. She is a double major in English Literature and Pre-Law with an AMRS and History double minor. She is an enthusiastic dog lover and language learner who loves traveling and cries a bit too easily at anything remotely cute. You can find her on campus dancing, talking very loudly, or sipping on coffee at any time of day.