Kristina Wheeler (’16) on Publishing

How did you get interested in publishing?

I’m not sure that I could pinpoint one specific thing that got me interested in publishing. It sort of started the way anyone gets interested in English as a college major. Back in junior high/high school English classes, I had a teacher who was so passionate about literature and personally encouraged me to think about doing something with my writing skills.

Nicole White (’18) on Publishing

How did you get interested in publishing?

When I was studying at OWU, all I really knew was that I wanted to write for a living. During my gap year, I moved to Hawai’i and focused on writing a novel while working on a whale watching cruise ship; I spent a lot of that time on Indeed, scrolling through industries that seemed related to writing or editing.

Ask an English Major: English Complementary Majors/Minors

You asked and we answered (again)!  For today’s entry in the “Ask an English Major (or Minor)” series we are answering the question, “What majors or minors are good complements to English?” However, once again, we have so many responses we are going to dole them out over several installments. So here is what our first three students had to say.…

English and Modern Foreign Language: A Marriage of Majors

#TBT: Taking a time machine two years back, today we bring you another throwback interview. In April of 2018, Sturges Script Managing Editor Anna Davies (’19) interviewed  Dexter Adams (’18), Brandon Stevens (’20), and Adrian Burr (’19) on the relationship between their English and Modern Foreign Language majors and minors. They share what they find most rewarding about each discipline as well as the marriage of their literary and linguistic loves!…

Faith Wogan: Why English?

The story of how I came to minor in English is very different than the story of my major. I had to try several different majors before I found the right one. I came to OWU to be a Biology teacher, but I soon realized college Biology wasn’t like high school Biology–it was very hard, and I was grossed out by everything in the lab.

Reports from the Field: Izzy Taylor (’18) on English and Professionalism

As I sit in my windowless, cinder block department office, I reflect on my first semester in a Master of Science program in Geography at Pennsylvania State University and of the ways in which my English minor from OWU has helped prepare me for my transition to graduate studies. While my time at Penn State has undoubtedly been an educational experience thus far, what strikes me most about the distinction between undergraduate and graduate studies is the professionalizing and bureaucratic processes central to grad school.

Reports from the Field: Lee Seigel (’06) on English and Information Technology

When people ask me, “So how did you get into I.T. and Operations?”, it is usually accompanied by a blanket assumption about my collegiate education. When you work in I.T., you most likely studied computer science. When I inevitably hem and haw a bit and explain that I was an English Literature major at a small liberal arts school, their puzzled faces are always enough to bring the beginnings of a smirk to mine.

Reports from the Field: Ashley Vassar (’16) on The Library Life

Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m Ashley Vassar. I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in Spring 2016. I majored in English (Literature concentration), Classics, and Medieval Studies. In December of 2018, I earned my Master of Library and Information Degree from Kent State University’s School of Library and Information Science.