Grace Zoldak (’25): Why English?

When I began college, I didn’t know that I would eventually declare a major in English in addition to History. However, what I did know was how deeply I loved and appreciated literature and writing. This love wasn’t the “summer fling” sort of love that swoops down and infatuates one for a brief period only to flee as quickly as it began, but rather the product of a continuously evolving relationship with literature that I fostered since I was young. 

Grace McKenney (’27): Why English?

From my earliest moments, I have always known that I wanted to be an author. While other children my age may have spent their afternoons and weekends playing on swing sets or watching cartoons, I was always the kid who spent her spare time locked away in her room either with a stack of paper and a pencil, or on her family computer, writing what my young mind thought would surely be the next great American novel. 

Why Libraries?

The English Department’s student-run blog, The Sturges Script, is excited to announce its theme for Fall 2023: “Why Libraries?” This semester the blog is bringing attention to the importance of libraries–from local libraries to our very own Beeghly Library-The Sturges Script wants to emphasize how impactful libraries are to our communities!  

Library Love: Nora Domino (’24)

To understand where my love of libraries comes from, you have to understand my nightly bedtime ritual as a child. Since I was a toddler, the importance of literature was imparted to me by my parents. My dad’s mission was to read to me every night before bed. This was a tall order because I would set a sizable stack of picture books on my bedside table for him to read to me.

Why English? | Katie Davis (’26)

While I would love to tell a story about how I have known since birth that I would study literature and that I have had a career plan for years leading up to this moment, in reality, I chose to major in English on the day of fall registration. Even though I have always loved reading and telling stories, I went through school fully intending to major in vocal music education in spite of a history of voracious reading.

Josie Green: Why English?

I’ve never considered a different major for college. Since middle school, I’ve figured I would continue down the path of studying English. Though I won’t say there aren’t other majors I can’t complete, no other major feels right, feels like me

One of the few consistent interests in my life has been literature, both in school and beyond.