English Minor Bucket List: Faith Wogan (’20)

  1. Take a writing class with a workshop. It’s nice to read others’ work and have your own work reviewed by others so you can make it better.                                                                                                                 

2. Try different writing genres. I’m a fiction writer, but I was surprised at how interesting I found it when I took writing classes that weren’t in fiction and I got to broaden my horizons and develop more styles, so I don’t feel so boxed into one category.

Scholars of Sturges: Acadia Caryl (’22) on Evaluating Professors

When I applied to be on the English Department Student Board, I didn’t realize that a part of our job was to evaluate the English faculty for their performance review. The first step of the process is that student board representatives from all departments are invited to attend a meeting with the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) to learn about how their feedback fits into faculty review.

Scholars of Sturges: TaTyana Payne (’21) on The Writing Life

I’ve always had an interesting relationship with writing. I often have periods of loving it so much that I can’t stop writing and then other periods of not liking it at all. The difficulty lies in what I like to write. Usually, when I come up with a story idea, I think of the exciting event that kicks off the story or that ends it.

Scholars of Sturges: Faith Wogan (’20) on The Writing Life

When it comes to writing I have always done things differently than what teachers say to do–start with characters, plot, theme, et cetera. I don’t always think before I start writing. Once I’ve got the beginning, I go until I find the middle and the end. My mind flows so fast and I get lost in my own world it’s like when I get absorbed in TV.

Faith Wogan: Why English?

The story of how I came to minor in English is very different than the story of my major. I had to try several different majors before I found the right one. I came to OWU to be a Biology teacher, but I soon realized college Biology wasn’t like high school Biology–it was very hard, and I was grossed out by everything in the lab.