Kristina Wheeler (’16) on Publishing

How did you get interested in publishing?

I’m not sure that I could pinpoint one specific thing that got me interested in publishing. It sort of started the way anyone gets interested in English as a college major. Back in junior high/high school English classes, I had a teacher who was so passionate about literature and personally encouraged me to think about doing something with my writing skills.

Brittany Stojsavljevic (’11) on Publishing

How did you get interested in publishing?

Writing was the first great love of my life and I’ve always been a voracious reader, so everything fell into place when I came to OWU and took English and Journalism classes. I aimed toward publishing because I really wanted to be a literary agent; it excited me to think about being a champion for books!

Nicole White (’18) on Publishing

How did you get interested in publishing?

When I was studying at OWU, all I really knew was that I wanted to write for a living. During my gap year, I moved to Hawai’i and focused on writing a novel while working on a whale watching cruise ship; I spent a lot of that time on Indeed, scrolling through industries that seemed related to writing or editing.

What We’re NOT Reading: The English Department’s TBR Lists

The Scholars of Sturges are obviously book lovers, but life–especially this time of the semester–is busy and our aspirations can outstrip our realities.  So today, instead of a “What We’re Reading Post,” we’re going to tell you what we’re NOT reading. A  TBR (“To Be Read”) pile is a stack of books that you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t had time for yet.…

What I Did With My English Major: Madeline Shier (’13) on Being a Book Buyer

Hey, Scholars of Sturges, check out this interview OWU English and Theatre alum, Madeline Shire (’13), where she shares what she’s currently doing with her English major.  In addition to talking about what it’s like working as a book buyer for Powell’s Books, Madeline shares her passion for helping kids, teens, and young adults find the right books, and reflects on how reading and acting have impacted her life. …

A Paper’s Journey: Presenting as an Undergrad at NAVSA 2019 by Anthony Padget-Gettys

In the Spring 2019 semester I took Dr. Allison’s seminar on the aesthetics of British socialism. For this class we read William Morris’s News from Nowhere, a novel about a character who falls asleep and enters the future, where he finds it to be a socialist utopia. Before this seminar, I had taken multiple classes with Dr.

English Major Bucket List: Erin Brady’s Harry Potter Pilgrimage

If I had to recommend something that every English major should do before they graduate it would be to go on a literary pilgrimage. My mother read me the first Harry Potter book when I was in fifth grade and I have loved the books and movies ever since. Last year I went to London with my mom and I turned a mother-daughter trip into a hunt for Harry Potter book and film sites.

Lily Callander: The Book of Salt by Monique Truong

The Book of Salt, written by Monique Truong, is one of the reasons that I became an English major. We read this in Professor Comorau’s English 145 class, “Reading the Global Kitchen,” and I continually find myself recommending it to anyone who will listen. Truong’s work fascinated me due to its ability to excellently pose the question of how we, as readers, take narrators at their word, often not ruminating upon the idea that this character may be untruthful and unreliable.

Maddie Marusek: I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon

This summer, I was strolling through the book section of the Costco near my house when a book titled I Was Anastasia caught my eye. I decided to buy the book, which was undoubtedly the best thing I have ever bought from Costco. Ariel Lawhon tells the story of  Anastasia Romanav, the youngest daughter of the last Russain tsar, and her best known impersonator, Anna Anderson, compellingly enough to create the illusion of possibility that Anna is the real Anastasia.