A Paper’s Journey: Presenting as an Undergrad at NAVSA 2019 by Anthony Padget-Gettys

In the Spring 2019 semester I took Dr. Allison’s seminar on the aesthetics of British socialism. For this class we read William Morris’s News from Nowhere, a novel about a character who falls asleep and enters the future, where he finds it to be a socialist utopia. Before this seminar, I had taken multiple classes with Dr.

Theater, Empowerment, and Peanut Butter: Theory-to-Practice in Spain

So who are you and what did you do?

Adrian: My name is Adrian Burr and I’m a Spanish and English double major, and Sarah and I did a Theory-to-Practice Grant entitled “Female Empowerment in Classical Spanish Theater” with Professor Glenda Nieto-Cuebas.

Sarah: My name is Sarah Gielink, and I’m a Theater and Spanish double major with an English minor.

Alumni Achievements: Harry Potter Meets Shakespeare

From an experimental course with Dr. Zack Long to the stage with Chicago-based theatre troupe Odd’s Bodkins, Hannah Mary Simpson ’16 has seen “The Tragedy of Tom Riddle” in all stages of production. Originally a playwriting project for Dr. Long’s “How to Write Like Shakespeare” class, “The Tragedy of Tom Riddle” tells the story of Voldemort in Shakespearian verse.…

The 2018 Literary Award Winners

We are so proud of our Scholars of Sturges who received literary awards this year! Congratulations to all who won, and all who applied. This year’s winners are…

Riley Sutliff ’19 and Anthony Padget-Gettys ’20 for the Marie Drennan Prize. This prize is awarded for the best poem or group of poems by an anonymous donor in memory of Marie Drennan.

Representation For All: The International Queer Film Festival

The International Queer Film Festival (IQFF) is a yearly event created and coordinated by OWU students and focusing on equal representation for people of all gender and sexuality identities all around the world. It is sponsored by OWU’s Ross Art Museum, Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs (WCSA), People Regarding Individual Diversity Everywhere (PRIDE), Spectrum Resource Center, French Club and Horizons International.

Sarah Gielink: A Whole New Worldview–Travel Learning as a First Year

Being enrolled in a Travel-Learning Course (TLC) my freshman year (ENG 228: Re-placing Great Britain: Alternative Narratives of National Identity) was a highlight of my experience at OWU. It was my first international flight, and the class centered around subject matter that would broaden my worldview.

I still struggle to narrow down my favorite moments of the trip–in which we visited London, Liverpool, and Manchester in two too-short weeks–to even a top three.

Catharine Boyle: One Year, Two Majors, Three Internships, and a Baby Snow Leopard

So who are you and what did you do?

I’m Catharine Boyle. I’m an English and Sociology double-major, and over the past year I’ve had three different internships. Last summer, I was an Event Coordinator at the Columbus Zoo, this past Fall I was an intern at People in Need in Delaware, and this year I’m a tutor at the Writing Center on campus.

English Minor Izzy Sommerdorf on her Theory to Practice Grant in Thailand

Who are you and what did you do?

I’m Izzy Sommerdorf. I’m a Senior Zoology Major and English Minor, and I was awarded a Theory to Practice Grant from OWU that allowed me to volunteer in Thailand for two months. I worked in a wildlife rescue center called The Wildlife Friends Foundation and then also in an elephant sanctuary at the same location.…

Internship Profile: Adriana Rodriguez at Lookingglass Theatre Company

English and Theatre double majors are popular with the students of Sturges, and finding a summer internship that combines the two perfectly shows the benefits of a liberal arts education–and helps point students closer to their dream careers! Check out the OWU Homepage’s profile on Senior Theatre and English double-major Adriana Rodgriguez’s summer internship at the Lookingglass Theatre Company!…