Alumni Achievements: Harry Potter Meets Shakespeare

From an experimental course with Dr. Zack Long to the stage with Chicago-based theatre troupe Odd’s Bodkins, Hannah Mary Simpson ’16 has seen “The Tragedy of Tom Riddle” in all stages of production. Originally a playwriting project for Dr. Long’s “How to Write Like Shakespeare” class, “The Tragedy of Tom Riddle” tells the story of Voldemort in Shakespearian verse.

Now, Hannah the Hufflepuff will see her play, co-written with Nicole White ’18, Nash Bonnema ’19, Jordan Waterwash ’18, Julia Stone ’16, Miranda Dean ’16, and Matt Shriver ’16, hit the stage in May.

Read more about the play, the performance, and the class here! And check out this piece from The Windy City Times, a site based out of Simpson’s new hometown, Chicago!

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