Week 11: Making Maps & Mobile GIS

For week 11 we shall finish the Making Maps book with four presentations on Monday:

  • Mark Frawley: ch. 9
  • Mackenzie Wade: ch. 10
  • Derek Frisch: ch. 11
  • McKenna Roush: ch. 12

For Wednesday, let’s have Ch. 4 of the Getting to know WebGIS book done. I say some somber words about that fine chapter.

Please chime in with updates on your project ideas if you have not already done so.

For next week: some more fun stuff to read and do:

Week 12: WebGIS: Tile Layers
Read / Complete: PF ch. 5 & “Feminist Data Visualization
Monday, Nov. 2: Discuss: PF Ch. 5 Tile Layers

Wednesday, Nov. 4: Discuss “Feminist Data Visualization” by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein (also here) and come up with examples from mapping / GIS / web mapping that apply to the six principles. For example, Google: map cartography affective