Update 11/24/2020

GPS Gee-gaws: If I mailed you one of the GPS thingies you can keep it and return it next semester. Or you can mail it to me. Email me and I’ll send you my mailing address.

Class Work on your Blog: Please update your class blot to include the following stuff, organized by week, plus a posting for your course project. Make sure to include some evidence that you did the readings (include notes) and finished the assignments in the Getting To Know Web GIS book.

  • Week 2
    • Readings, comments, questions, ideas: 25 pts (document @ blog)
    • Task:¬†Blog + Account Set-Up + ArcGIS Online Basics: 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 3
    • Readings,¬†comments, questions, ideas: 25 pts (document @ blog)
    • Task:¬†ArcGIS Collector: 50 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 4 Readings,¬†comments, questions, ideas (PF ch. 1): 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 5 PF Reading & Assignment (ch. 2): 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 6 PF¬†Reading &¬†Assignment (ch. 3): 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 7 Catch Up Week (no blog entry)
  • Week 8 Post Catch Up Week¬†(no blog entry)
  • Week 9 MM Marathon 1 + MM thru ch. 4 + Presentation: 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 10 MM Marathon 2 + MM ch. 5-8 + Desert Wonderings + Presentation: 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 11
    • MM Marathon 3 + MM ch. 9-12: 25 pts (document @ blog)
    • PF Readings & Assignment (ch. 4): 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 12 Catch Up Week (no blog entry)
  • Week 13 Feminist Data Visualization: 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 14 Readings & PF Assignment (ch. 6): 25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Week 15 Indigenous Data Sovereignty:¬†25 pts (document @ blog)
  • Course project: 75 pts (document @ blog)
  • Final evaluation document:¬†(send to me)

Create a final evaluation document and send to me by the end of the scheduled remote final day, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2020

  1. Please review the list of materials above and complete anything that is missing.
  2. Thoughts on Course: Please consider the structure and content in the course and provide me with any feedback on the course. Because of COVID, the software and format of the course changed significantly. Offer up general thoughts on the content and approach of the course.
  3. Thoughts on readings: This falls into three categories: the WebGIS book, the Making Maps book, and the additional readings. Offer up some thoughts on the readings. Which were the most interesting? Which were the least interesting? Should I ¬†lecture more, or was the mixed “me talk” and “you talk” approach preferable?
  4. Course grade: Please suggest the letter grade you think you deserve for this course. Be realistic. Consider the amount of effort you put into the course, how much you learned, your attendance, your ability to get exercises completed on time, and the quality of your work. Do consider yourself in relation to other students in the class. Use these criteria to justify the grade you think you deserve. I do reserve the right to adjust this grade (up, down, or sideways).