Schedule & Content

Update 12/3/2020

  • Geography 353: Cartography & Geographic Information Systems meets MW 2:40 – 4:30: 207 Science Center (GIS Lab) or outside (University Tent) or Zoom
  • Readings:
    • KW = John Krygier & Denis Wood, Making Maps, 3rd edition, 2016
    • PF = Pinde Fu, Getting to Know Web GIS,¬†4th edition, 2020
      • PPTs for the Fu book are here


Weekly blog postings: Set up a account for this course. If you already have an account, just set up another blog for Geog 353. Please create a weekly posting that outlines key concepts, what you are working on, problems, how you solved them, etc. Just so I have some evidence that you are a bit engaged.

Week 1: Absence

Monday, Aug. 17: No class meeting
Wednesday, Aug. 19: No class meeting

Week 2: Presence + Deep Thoughts
Read: KW¬†up through ch. 1 &¬†Ce n’est pas le monde

Monday, Aug. 24: What is a Map? + KW up through ch. 1. + Class Details (Zoom Video)

Wednesday, Aug. 26: Discuss¬†Ce n’est pas le monde¬†& Right Map Making (KW pp. 28-29)¬†+ Class Details¬† (Zoom Video)

  • Due Monday, Aug. 31: Blog + Account Set-Up + ArcGIS Online Basics

Week 3: Software, Projects, and a few more Deep Thoughts
Read: Critical Cartography (Wood, et al., 2019) + lookup: “participatory mapping,” “crowdsourcing,” “citizen science”
Post: A message introducing yourself to the class Google Group. Try using this for questions related to class work (instead of just emailing Krygier).

Monday, Aug. 31: Discuss Blog + Account Set-Up + ArcGIS Online Basics; Introduce ArcGIS Online & Collector & Projects (Zoom video)

  • Assign: for Wednesday, Sept. 9: Blog, ArcGIS Online Basics, ArcGIS Collector

Wednesday, Sept. 2: Discuss Critical Cartography (Wood, et al., 2019) &¬†“participatory mapping,” “crowdsourcing,” “citizen science” (Zoom video)

Week 4: Web GIS
Read: PF ch. 1

Monday, Sept. 7: No Class Meeting –¬†Labor Day
Wednesdaty, Sept. 9: Discuss ArcGIS Collector exercise & Ch. 1 Getting to Know Web Maps

  • Due: Blog, ArcGIS Online Basics, ArcGIS Collector

Week 5: Layers/Storytelling
Read / Complete: PF ch. 2

Monday, Sept. 14: Discuss Layers/Storytelling (Zoom link)
Wedbesday, Sept. 16:  No class meeting: Bishop Break

Week 6: Design + Experience Builder/Web AppBuilder
Read / Complete: PF ch. 3

Monday, Sept. 21: Discuss Design + Experience Builder/Web AppBuilder (Zoom link)
Wedsneday, Sept. 23: Work Day!

Week 7: Catch Up With Crap Week!

Monday, Sept. 28: Work Day!
Wednesday, Sept. 30: Work Day!

Week 8: Course Project & Rest of Semester

Monday, Oct. 5: One More Work Day!
Wednesday, Oct. 7: Brief Presentations of Progress (PF Ch. 1 -3) & Course Project & Rest of Semester (Zoom link)

Week 9: Making Maps Marathon 1
Read / Notes: KW up to ch. 4

Monday, Oct. 12: Student presentations: MM up to ch. 4 (Zoom link)

Due: 1 paragraph draft of course project idea (discuss in class)

Wednesday, Oct. 14: No class meeting: Bishop Break

Week 10: Making Maps Marathon 2
Read / Notes: KW 5-8

Monday, Oct. 19: Student presentations: MM ch. 5-8 (Zoom link)

Due: 1 paragraph draft of course project idea (discuss in class)

Wednesday, Oct. 21: Read and Discuss “Desert Wonderings” (Zoom link)

Due: Revised course project proposal (post to blog)

Week 11: Making Maps Marathon 3 + WebGIS: Mobile GIS
Read / Notes: KW 9-12
Read / Complete: PF ch. 4

Monday, Oct. 26: Student presentations: MM ch. 9-12 (Zoom link)
Wednesday, Oct. 28: Discuss Mobile GIS  (Zoom link)

Week 12: WebGIS: Course Projects + Delicate Detachment

Monday, Nov. 2: Check-in on course projects & Work Dae!
Wednesday, Nov. 4: Day of Delicate Detachment (everyone BYO contribution)

Week 13: WebGIS: Feminist Visualization + Spatiotemporal and Real-Time
Read / Discuss “Feminist Data Visualization

Monday, Nov 9: No Class Meeting
Wednesday, Nov 11:¬†Discuss “Feminist Data Visualization” by¬†Catherine D‚ÄôIgnazio and Lauren F. Klein (also here) and come up with examples from mapping / GIS / web mapping that apply to the six principles. Additional info on Data Feminism book here. Citations of the Feminist Data Visualization article here. (Zoom Link)

Week 14: WebGIS: 3D
Read / Complete: PF ch. 6

Monday, Nov. 16: Discuss Spatiotemporal & Real-Time (Zoom Link)
Wednesday, Nov 18: Work on Class Projects

Week 15: WebGIS: Analysis
Read: Hetoeve·hotohke’e Lucchesi PDF

Monday, Nov 23: Discuss “Spatial Data and (De)colonization: Incorporating Indigenous Data Sovereignty Principles into Cartographic Research” by¬†Annita Hetoeve¬∑hotohke‚Äôe Lucchesi (Zoom Link)
Wednesday, Nov 25: Thanksgiving Break

Week 16: Finish
Read / Complete: PF ch. 8

Monday, Nov. 30:  Work Day
Wednesday, Dec. 2: Course Project Presentations & Conclusions (Zoom link)

DUE: Final Evaluation due by the end of the scheduled remote final day, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2020. See Evaluation page