Week 10: Making Maps Marathon and Food Desert Mapping

For this week, beyond bumping through four more chapters of the Making Maps book on Monday, lettuce take a look at a paper called Desert Wonderings.

Here is a copy of the article with some of my highlighting, if you care

Put some notes and comments and questions in your weekly blog posting.

Be ready to say something about these ideas in terms of the paper – and the idea of food deserts and food desert maps – and your class project (which might be more of an effort!)

In this reading, and discussion, we are putting a real-world case together with the mapping: which is the way it should be.

  • Maps show us “reality” but filtered through our ideas & concepts about the world.
  • Ideas/concepts shape how we collect data (primary, secondary) for mapping
  • What if the ideas/concepts have problems?
  • Does that mean the data has problems?
  • Does that mean the map has problems?
  • Are the ideas/concepts, or data, or maps wrong?
  • How can you make sure your concepts/ideas are more appropriate?
  • How might that shape data collection, and the final map?

Some sources