Week 6: Map Design + Experience Builder/Web AppBuilder

For week 6 of this bedeviled class, please fling your brains into KW ch. 6, 7, and Read / Complete: PF ch. 3. As uysual, add yhour notes to your blog for the week. I seem to be typing extyra y’s today. Y you ask? I’m outside on my front porch and it’s actually cold and my hands are a bit sluggishy.

I’ll talk thru PF ch. 3 with my insightful comments tomorrow (Mondya, Stp. 21).

On Wednesday: please let us go around the class and share the following (about 10 minutes each)

  • Five exciting things you learned in KW up thru chapter 7
  • Two things each you learned of note in PF through chapter 3

As always, use the Google Group for questions, and I’m happy to meet (Zoom): just let me know some times that work for you.