Gassert, week 7

Address point: Displays office addresses within Delaware County. Specially accurate with the intent of being able to be used for reports.


Annexation: Shows all boundaries within Delaware County from 1853 to present.


Building outline 2021: Displays all building outlines in Delaware from 2021. I’d assume this needs updated.


Condo: Displays all condominium units/polygons recorded in the county.


Dedicated ROW: Shows all right of way lines in the county.


Delaware County contours: 2-foot contours from 2018. I would also assume this could be updated to be more recent.


Delaware County E911 data: Shows the address points from the previous “Address Points” layer. This gives 911 responders information to determine relative addresses to where a call comes from.


Farm lot: Shows all farm lots divided by US military and Virginia military survey distinctions in Delaware County.


GPS: Displays all GPS monuments identified in Delaware County between 1991 and 1997.


Hydrology: Shows every major waterway that runs through Delaware County. It was last updated in 2018 and is updated when needed.


MSAG: Acronym for “Master Street Address Guide”. It shows that there are 28 jurisdictions in Delaware County.


Map Sheet: Shows all map sheets in Delaware County.


Municipality: Shows all municipalities in Delaware County. (Political subdivisions)


Original township: Shows the original boundaries of Delaware County before tax district changes.


PLSS: Acronym for “Public Land Survey System”. It shows the PLSS polygons for the US military + Virginia military survey in Delaware County.


Parcel: Shows polygons that represent the cadastral parcel lines. Cadastral meaning real estate ownership and taxation.


Precinct: Shows various voting precincts. This gets updated when needed.


Recorded document: In place for miscellaneous documents like plat books, instrument records, and cabinet/slide data.


School district: Displays polygons that represent school districts within Delaware County.


Street centerline: Displays public + private roads in Delaware County. 


Subdivision: Representative of all the subdivisions and condos in the county. 


Survey: A shapefile that covers all the land surveys in the county.


Tax district: Shows all the divisions in tax districts in Delaware County. This is represented in polygons and is updated when needed.


Township: Shows all 19 townships that make up Delaware County. 


Zipcode data: Consists of all the zipcodes listed in Delaware County. This gets updated regularly.

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