week 7

Address Point-Data of all the registered building addresses in Delaware County. Specially accurate for reports.

Annexation-Displays all boundaries within Delaware County from 1853 onwards.

Building Outline-Represents the physical outlines of all buildings in the county.

Condo-Locations of all condominium complexes in the county.

Dedicated ROW-Indicates all right-of-way locations in Delaware County.

Delaware County Contours-Provides a 2-foot elevation map of the county.

Delaware County E911 data-Offers address points for emergency response purposes. Updated regularly.

Farm Lot-Shows all farm lots divided by US military and Virginia military survey distinctions.

GPS-Identifies all GPS monuments within the county.

Hydrology-Depicts major waterways flowing through Delaware County. Updated as needed.

MSAG-Lists all 28 townships within Delaware County.

Map Sheet-Displays all map sheets available for Delaware County.

Municipality-Highlights all political subdivisions within the county.

Original Township-Defines the original boundaries of the townships before tax district changes.

PLSS-Represents public land divisions within Delaware County.

Parcel-Shows cadastral parcel lines indicating real estate ownership and taxation.

Precinct-Indicates voting precincts, updated periodically.

Recorded Document-Identifies the location of various official documents recorded in the county.

School District-Displays the boundaries of school districts within Delaware County.

Street Centerline-Provides a roadmap of public and private roads within the county.

Subdivision-Represents both subdivisions and condominium complexes in the county.

Survey-Indicates various land surveys conducted within the county.

Tax District-Shows all divisions within tax districts, updated as needed.

Township-Depicts all townships within Delaware County.

Zip code data-Lists all zip codes within Delaware County, regularly updated.

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