Delaware Data Inventory- Cailee Plunkett

Zip Code

> Contains all zip codes in Delaware County, Ohio

Recorded Document

> Contains points that represent recorded documents. These include subdivisions, vacations, surveys, etc.

School District

> Contains all school districts within the county 

Map Sheet

> Contains all map sheets within the county 

Farm Lot

> Identifies all farm lots and their boundaries in both the US Military and Virginia Military survey districts


> Identifies the geographic boundaries of each township within the county 

Street Centerline

> Shows the center of pavement on public and private roads within the county 


> Contains the annexations and conforming boundaries from 1853 to now


> Shows all condominium polygon boundaries within the county 


> Shows all subdivisions and condo polygons within the county 


> A shapefile of point coverage that shows land surveys within Delaware County 

Dedicated ROW

> Consists of all designated Right-of-Way lines within the county, and is updated daily 

Tax District

> Contains all tax districts within the county 


> Shows all GPS identified monuments established between 1991 and 1997

Original Township

> Contains the original boundaries of the townships within the county before tax district changes affected their shapes

Imagery 2019

> Aerial imagery of Delaware County from 2019 


Shows all major waterways within the county 


> Shows all voting precincts within the county 


> Consists of the polygons that represent parcel lines within the county 


> Consists of the Public Land Survey System polygons in both the US Military and Virginia Military Survey Districts of Delaware County

Address Point

> A spatially accurate representation of all certified addresses within Delaware County

2022 Leaf- On Imagery (SID File)

> 2022 imagery 

Building Outline

> Contains building outlines of all structures within the county 

Delaware County Contours

> Contains two-foot contours for the county 

2021 Imagery (SID File)

> Imagery of the county for 2021

Delaware County E911 Data

Address mapping intended to aid with 911 response

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