Huntington Week 7

Address Point: Data of all the registered building addresses in Delaware county

Annexations: All annexations on Delaware county’s border from 1853 onwards

Building Outline: The physical outlines of all the buildings in the county

Condo: locations of all condo complexes in the county

Dedicated ROW: All Right-of-way locations in Delaware county

Delaware County Contours: 2 foot elevation map

Farm Lot: All the farm lots in the county

GPS: All the GPS monuments in the county

Hydrology: all the major waterways

MSAG: All 28 different townships in Delaware county

Map sheet: All the maps of the county

Municipality: All the municipalities

Original Township: the original boundaries of the towns

PLSS: Public land divisions in Delaware county

Parcel: All cadastral parcel lines

precinct: All voting precincts

Recorded document: The location of all official documents recorded in the county

School District: map of all the school districts

Street Centerline: Roadmap of Delaware county

subdivision: all the condos and divided housing

Survey: land survey

Tax district: tax districts

Township: More townships

Zipcode: All the zipcodes in the county

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