Brokaw week 5

Chapter 5: went smooth for the most part. Making the ModelBuilder ribbon was cool. I think I did the Python coding correctly.  

In chapter 6 I ran into an issue with publishing features and preparing the map for collection. My content did not have the TreeInventory feature layer. 

Chapter 7: I made some mistakes in the Geocoding process. I could not add the files to the map. I think there was also some confusion with me and labeling that I had messed up in the last section. 

Chapter 8: Was a cool way to make 3D maps. However, I think I made some errors while browsing and couldn’t find the correct file. I’m not sure which chapter but I did have an issue with an error coming back after running a tool. It said the function couldn’t be performed because it was already added. 



Chapter 10: I had a slight issue but just skipped the steps and moved on. In exercise 10b step 10 it wanted us to go to the position tab however there was no placement drop down or in the next step there was no stack drop down. Also in exercise 10c I could not figure out how to insert the Max Advertised Broadband speed map frame into the layout tab. It kept making another separate tab. 

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