Chlebowski – Data Inventory

Data Layer:

Zip Codes – shows areas of all the Delaware County zip codes

Recorded Document – shows points across Delaware county of all of the spots of the recorded documents of the “Delaware County Recorder’s Plat Books, Cabinet/Slides and Instruments Records”. These are documents that record events like subdivisions and annexations in the area.

School District – a map of all of the existing school districts that exist in the bounds of Delaware, Ohio. There are twelve of them that exist in Delaware, which include ones that span large areas like Olentangy and Buckeye Valley and ones that barely sneak in the edge of Delaware like Northridge and Johnstown-Monroe.

Map Sheet – shows areas across Delaware County of all of the map sheet locations

Farm Lots – shows areas and the boundaries of all of the farm lots in Delaware County

Township – similar to the school district data layer, this layer gives the geographic bounds of all of the townships that are located in Delaware County. Very interesting to see the intricacies of the township shapes, with blocky ones like Brown and Kingston and messy ones like Delaware and Sunbury.

Street Centerline – shows areas of private and public streets and pavement areas in Delaware County

Annexation – shows all of Delaware’s annexations and changes in boundary lines from 1853 to present

Condo – shows all condominium polygons in Delaware that have been recorded by the Delaware County Recorder’s Office

Subdivision – shows all subdivisions and condos recorded by the Delaware County Recorder’s office

Survey – shows all points of individual land surveying that have occurred in Delaware County

Dedicated ROW – shows all areas and streets in Delaware that are designated Right of Way passage areas

Tax District – shows areas of all of the Delaware tax districts as defined by the Delaware County Auditor’s Real Estate Office

GPS – shows points of all GPS monuments that were established between 1991 and 1997

Original Township – shows the areas of the original township boundaries before tax districts changed their shapes

Hydrology – shows all of the major waterways in Delaware County, which is very neat as it obviously shows large waterways like the large reservoirs like Alum Creek’s and Delaware’s but it also shows small offshoots of major rivers like the Delaware Run

Precinct – shows areas of all voting precincts in Delaware County

Parcel – shows polygons that distinguish all cadastral parcel lines in Delaware County

PLSS – shows the areas of all of the Public Land Survey Systems in Delaware

Address Point – shows all the points of certified addresses in Delaware, wow there are a lot of addresses!

Building Outline – shows polygons of all of the structure and building outlines in Delaware last updated in 2018

Delaware County Contours – picture of the contour lines in Delaware County

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