Luna – Data Inventory

Zip Code- Delaware County zip codes

Recorded Document– recorded documents in the Recorder’s Plat Books, Cabinet, Slides, and Instruments Records

School District-Delaware County school districts

Map Sheet– Delaware County map sheets

Farm Lot-Delaware County farm lots in US Military and Virginia Military Survey Districts

Township– Delaware County geographic township boundaries

Street Centerline-Delaware County paved public and private roads

Annexation-Delaware County annexations and conforming boundaries

Condo-Delaware County  condominium polygons

Subdivision– Delaware County subdivisions and condos 

Survey-Delaware County survey plat

Dedicated ROW- Delaware Country road right of way polygons 

Tax District– Delaware County tax districts

GPS– Delaware County GPS monuments of 1991 and 1997

Original Township–  Delaware County original township boundaries

Hydrology– Delaware County waterways

Precinct –  Delaware County precinct polygons

Parcel– Delaware County parcels

PLSS–  Delaware County public land survey district polygons

Address Point– Delaware County addresses

Building Outline– Delaware County structure outlines

Delaware County Contours– Delaware County foot contours from 2018

I am very sorry this is so late. I got confused and did not realize I had to turn it in!

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