What I Did With My English Major: Madeline Shier (’13) on Being a Book Buyer

Hey, Scholars of Sturges, check out this interview OWU English and Theatre alum, Madeline Shire (’13), where she shares what she’s currently doing with her English major.  In addition to talking about what it’s like working as a book buyer for Powell’s Books, Madeline shares her passion for helping kids, teens, and young adults find the right books, and reflects on how reading and acting have impacted her life. …

English and Modern Foreign Language: A Marriage of Majors

#TBT: Taking a time machine two years back, today we bring you another throwback interview. In April of 2018, Sturges Script Managing Editor Anna Davies (’19) interviewed  Dexter Adams (’18), Brandon Stevens (’20), and Adrian Burr (’19) on the relationship between their English and Modern Foreign Language majors and minors. They share what they find most rewarding about each discipline as well as the marriage of their literary and linguistic loves!…

A Paper’s Journey: Presenting as an Undergrad at NAVSA 2019 by Anthony Padget-Gettys

In the Spring 2019 semester I took Dr. Allison’s seminar on the aesthetics of British socialism. For this class we read William Morris’s News from Nowhere, a novel about a character who falls asleep and enters the future, where he finds it to be a socialist utopia. Before this seminar, I had taken multiple classes with Dr.

Interview with Dave Lucas by Anna Davies and Karina Primmer

When Dave Lucas became Ohio’s second-ever Poet Laureate on Jan. 1, 2018, he approached the position with a mission. Despite his impressive academic background–B.A. from John Carroll University, MFA from the University of Virginia, and MA and PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor–Lucas firmly believes poetry belongs outside the classroom as a staple of everyday life.

Scholars of Sturges: TaTyana Payne (’21) on The Writing Life

I’ve always had an interesting relationship with writing. I often have periods of loving it so much that I can’t stop writing and then other periods of not liking it at all. The difficulty lies in what I like to write. Usually, when I come up with a story idea, I think of the exciting event that kicks off the story or that ends it.

Scholars of Sturges: Faith Wogan (’20) on The Writing Life

When it comes to writing I have always done things differently than what teachers say to do–start with characters, plot, theme, et cetera. I don’t always think before I start writing. Once I’ve got the beginning, I go until I find the middle and the end. My mind flows so fast and I get lost in my own world it’s like when I get absorbed in TV.

Abby Dockter (’12): How to Keep Writing After You Graduate

I don’t want to dwell on how terrified I was when I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2012, but I had a lot of fears. And I don’t want to parse out which ones were irrational, but I was really, really afraid that I would stop writing.

Leaving the environment where writing is due and workshops full of people read my work regularly, it was hard to imagine other writing communities.