Friday February 24

Progress and Plans:

  1. Progress on actionable items for Mini May Move Out, and ideas for promotion (written down in a planning document)
    1. select date (Wed or Thurs)
    2. promotion (faculty, staff)
    3. cow
    4. stickers ordered and on way
  2. Revised May Move Out schedule (adjusted as our academic calendar shifted this semester):
    1. Monday, May 8: noon – 8pm
    2. Tuesday, May 9: noon – 8pm
    3. Wednesday, May 10: 9am – 1pm
    4. Sunday, May 14: 9am-1pm
  3. Progress on reusable food container project
  4. Progress on activity courses
    1. switch time or dates
  5. Progress on locations to grow perennial crops on campus
    1. Map locations then talk to B&G
    2. SIP to pay for plants and plan to plant
  6. Plan for Green Week. If it is ok with Eva, we can meet Monday eve at the Haüs of Tree to attend the Green Week meeting. We should have a plan for what we are doing (as a class) for Green Week.
    1. 499 Green Week Coordinators: Maddie & Larynn?
  7. Blurry!

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