Sustainability Practicum 2017: Wrap Up

Finishing Up The Spring 2017 Semester

We waded in and made progress this spring. To wrap things up please do the following and get it to me by Tuesday May 9:

1. Project Reports

  • Reusable Food Containers
  • Perennial Gardens Project
  • May Move Out
  • Sustainability Activity Courses
  • Campus Sustainability Plan

For each report (about 3 pages) compile the following:

  • work and research completed
  • key contacts
  • organize the Geog 499 Spring 2017 shared folder for the individual project, make sure the Project Report will help future students take over this project; make sure all materials created (posters, artwork for stickers, etc.) are also in the shared folder
  • your assessment of the project and what was completed this semester, and recommendations for the future

2. Course & Personal Assessment: about 3 pages

One page or so: your thoughts on the course, its structure, and the way we worked out the goals (the revised Sustainability Plan and specific projects). Did the wheels come off? Or not? Too much loosey goosey? Or did the flexible approach work? Do you think our effort will affect sustainability efforts on campus? Or are you more pessimistic? Given that I will offer the course again next spring, document 3 things that worked well, and 3 that could use some work and/or ideas for what the course should focus on. Your suggestions for next year are very much appreciated.

One page or so: assessment of your personal efforts in the course. Describe what you did (specifically) and your role in the class (compared to other students in the class). Given your efforts, and in comparison with your pals in the class, let me know what you think you deserve for a letter grade. And which item you believe to be the essential baby essential (see below).