LLI+399: Monday, March 27

There is no roadmap for the combined ENVS 399 Sustainability Practicum and the Lifelong Learning Institute course Sustainability in Practice: OWU and Delaware.

For the rest of the semester, these two courses will meet together on Monday of each week from 2:10-4 pm. It’s never been done before!

We’ve outlined an approach that combines conceptual ideas (Theory of Change, Elinor Ostrom’s work on collective action) with the half-dozen practical projects the class is working on this semester (information here).

Monday, March 27: Our first meeting with the LLI group, and we must keep moving on our projects. A flurry of progress last week and stuff to get going on this week!

As the LLI folks have read the proposals, minus the revised plan for planting natives / seed bombing in out-of-the-way places, I propose this agenda:

  1. Introduction from Karen Crosman and quick intros from the LLI people.
  2. 399ers get in groups and quickly introduce yourselves (name, year, major, etc.). Say which project you are working on, and list the pressing issues you are working on this week.
  3. Graham says a bit about theĀ Theory of Change framework we are using, and others can chime in. We have handouts (see below).
  4. We will then roughly assign the LLI folks to each of the 399 groups: I know this is complicated as there is some overlap in your groups. We will use these assigned groups for small-group discussions of the projects and readings.
  5. The 399+LLI groups will then break up and discuss and plan and get on top of what is vital to accomplish this week.

The LLI students will see 399 student work, provide input, and get involved. At the same time, the LLI students will get some theoretical stuff (they read scrappy sustainability paper, the Theory of Change stuff, the Ostrom book coming up).

We can use W meeting times for meetings with partners. The Vegan Squad is coming Wed around 2:30 (or maybe 2:10). I also suggested 3pm for a Ā meeting with AVI.

For Monday, April 3:
  • read and be ready (in your smaller groups) to discussĀ Uncommon Knowledge,Ā ch. 1-3.
  • group discussions and work on the projects (LLI + 399)
  • discuss some field visits, campus walks, and other events to accompany

Handouts for Monday, March 27