2/22/2017 May Move Out Meeting with Dan Vroegop / Goodwill



2/22/2017 May Move Out Meeting with Dan Vroegop / Goodwill

Dan’s responses in italics. Actionable items in red:

Dan will share any suggestions for improvements from his perspective.

Overall a process that is working. Goodwill happy to have trucks stop by and pick up materials from the pods every day. Students will be the primary staffing.

We also hope to work recycling into the May Move Out this year. We are working on getting stand-up recycling bins which can be placed by the pods. When our Buildings & Grounds person comes around in the morn to open the pods, he will grab any recyclables and take them to the recycling dumpster.

No problem. Goodwill will leave behind recyclables that are left in the pods.

We need to finalize the date for the Mini May Move out, so letting us know about the availability of one of your trucks for the day is important.

  • Option: Wed March 22, noon-5
  • Option: Thurs March 23, noon-5

Decision within the week on which day and time. Goodwill can show up earlier.

Estimated dates for the May Move Out (I think these are off due to OWU schedule shift)

  • Wednesday May 3: noon – 8pm
  • Thursday May 4: noon – 8pm
  • Friday May 5: 9am – 1pm
  • Monday May 8: 9am – 1pm

Waiting to hear from Res Life.

The last few years we had a group of students come down to help sort stuff at the Del. Goodwill store on a Sat or Sunday, just to see how your process works. It would be good to consider scheduling that again this spring.

  • Some time in late March or early April

Once we have volunteers (or most of them) schedule this for a weekend.

For the last few years OWU has paid a company (College Hunks Moving Junk) to clear out things left in the dorms. This includes junk, but also things students did not want to move, or things they did not want to throw away (but did not move to the pods). We are contemplating having our students help move the stuff out (B&G will then donate the savings to a Green Fund). This effort would potentially involve help from Goodwill to take away any of the donate-ables pulled from the dorms.

  • Alternative: does Goodwill do this kind of thing? Worried about having enough of our own “college hunks” to move the junk.

Goodwill does pickups but does not clear buildings like College Hunks

They are willing to help with this but we need a better sense of how much stuff has to be removed

College Hunks filled at least two pods last year, but also took a few truckloads of stuff

We may be able to get Goodwill to help clear some of the left behind things, but let College Hunks do the final clear

Contact Kathy Wink (Goodwill marketing) for materials other Goodwill sites use for May Move Out type efforts

Set up meeting with Tanna & Res Life

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