Week 4: Forthwith!

General Issues Week 4:

  1. Review revised sustainability plan (presentation Wed noon at STF meeting)
  2. Try to attend STF meeting
  3. Two-Minute Promo Movie?
  4. Inclusion of something sustainable in new student orientation?
  5. Info to post on progress for projects other than Chartwells and May Move Out.

Meeting with Dan McGee (Chartwells): Wed Feb 1

  1. Review below outline and let Krygier know of modifications
  2. Continued problem with check out and return of boxes
    1. Continued problem with failure to return boxes (loss of boxes). From Jan 18th to Feb 2, 740 went out, 680 returned. Many returned to Merrick
    2. Limited technology limits return options. Followup with Denison to see if they have found a workable method with their reusable food containers. Seek other universities who have successfully implemented reusable food containers
    3. Allow students to cut in line to return boxes
    4. Additional return options in the residence halls?
    5. Allow drop off at any food outlet (return with staff who picks up materials at end of day)
    6. Option to buy a weeks worth of boxes at once
  3. No-cost Reusable Containers
    1. Find examples of such a program at other universities so we have a better idea of the potential problems.
    2. Potentially target certain student groups or organizations to get access to no-cost reusable containers (more accountability?)
    3. Estimate the costs for replacement of a certain percent of boxes, and sources for funding this loss (WCSA?)
  4. Promotion 
    1. Develop materials to help staff promote reusable boxes
    2. Make reusable containers more evident at checkout
    3. Develop promotional 8.5″ x 11″ poster with key information to post near checkouts, buttons, etc.
    4. Recruit a group of students (SLU, floor of residence hall, Fraternity, Sorority) to use the reusable containers, suggest improvements, etc. Continue to get new groups to do the same.
    5. Consider a redesigned Bishop Box to fit in with general OWU style
  5. Means of driving down use of throw-away containers
    1. Get throw-away containers that hold less food (equal amounts)
    2. Charge for throw-away containers. Check if this happens at other universities. Dan will check on this also.
  6. Seek sustainable option for Papa John’s pizza
    1. Dan will check with Papa John’s contact
    2. Tie into promotions at OWU
  7. Observation or time serving at checkout to observe the situation 
    1. “After the meeting Izzy and I were waiting for dinner and Dan offered for us to go in the back and watch to see what containers people were using. In the first 30 minutes there were 9 people who selected green boxes. By then end of our 45-60 minute time about 16 people used green boxes. We noticed that most people asked for the paper to go boxes. One of the Chartwell workers grabbed for the green as someone said to go and then the student said that she wanted a paper one…. Which was pretty frustrating to see. Also the staff kept talking about to us about how they see so much waste and really like the idea of the green boxes but brought up the size difference and return process.”
    2. Consider more of these observations? Put in time at the checkout?
  8. Followup: outline next steps and strategy (by Friday, Feb 10)

Meeting with Peter Schantz and Jay Scheffel (B&G): Friday Feb. 3

  1. Review below outline and let Krygier know of modifications
  2. Review materials for last year and update for this year (on shared drive)
    1. Work to revise the master document (so we can adapt and reuse next year)
    2. Review below outline and let Krygier know of modifications
  3. Walk the locations with Jay Scheffel (schedule this)
    1. Make adjustments in pod and dumpster locations (make pods more convenient, dumpsters less convenient)
    2. Get May Move Out banners back
  4. Plan Mini May Move Out (detailed plan draft by Friday Feb. 10)
    1. arrange with Goodwill to have truck parked by Chappelear
    2. arrange a food truck (check with Zanna Wright)
    3. stickers and other swag
    4. puppies, goats, cows, whatever
    5. promote donations to students, faculty and staff
  5. Recycling in Pods
    1. B&G will obtain cardboard recycle bins with clear plastic bags; keep in or around pods to collect recyclables. Will be picked up when B&G staff opens the pods in the morning.
    2. Include recycling option in promotions
  6. Meeting with Res Life and Tanna and Goodwill (schedule this)
    1. Jay/Peter: will get numbers from Tanna on stuff left behind, costs
    2. Consider paying the cost of Junk Hunks to an OWU Green fund and get student volunteers to haul out stuff, sort into pods and dumpsters
    3. Promotion to RAs. Make effort known at last floor meeting

Meeting with Dan McGee (Chartwells) and Tadd Peterson and Noel Deehr (MTSO, Seminary Hill Farm): Monday Feb. 6

  1. Hyper Local Salad Bar: Dan is seeking permission to move forward with a project Gene and Tadd discussed before Gene left, to have Seminary Hill Farm supply greens and vegetables for a hyper-local salad bar. Goal: Fall 2017.
    1. This is an experiment that can expand if successful
    2. Potential to use vegetables and greens from OWU gardens
    3. Potential to use vegetables from proposed perennial, low maintenance crops
    4. Justification: OWU’s historical relationship with MTSO, connection through internships for OWU students at MTSO, connection through Cooking Matters collaboration, connection between OWU and MTSO presidents.
    5. When this proceeds, students will help support the effort, Transcript article, promotion, etc.
  2. Ideas for additional local, organic, vegan/vegetarian options tied to this salad bar
    1. Ellen Sizer in Geog 360
  3. Composting
    1. Seminary Hill Farm uses compost from FreshAire Composting, Dan Young, Union City, Ohio. Compost no longer available from Price Farms.
    2. Set up meeting between Alex the Worm Guy and Tadd and Noel (schedule)

Meeting about Environment & Sustainability Proposal: Tuesday Feb. 7


Meeting of Sustainability Task Force: Wednesday Feb 8




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