Week 3: Onward!

Outcomes of our Tree Haüs meeting last evening:

Please forthwith proceed with the following tasks (based on the projects you are working on):

For the meeting with Dan McGee on Wed at 4 please get me an agenda for the meeting by noon tomorrow. This includes discussion points including:

For the meeting with Peter from B&G and also Res Life on Friday at noon in 207 SCSC: please get me an agenda for the meeting by noon Thursday; review Peter’s comments about what he wants to hear about (in the email from a few days ago) and review the stuff in the online shared Drive folder. Other issues

  • cost of getting the College Chunks to move junk left behind in rooms (cost to students; maybe use as a way to encourage participation in May Move Out)
  • how to incorporate recycling in the May Move Out

Other groups: proceed with stuff as we discussed last night

Other stuff I have in my notes:

That Denison event: Eva is going to find out if OWU is an official sponsor if we pay the $2000; Get this event on our class calendar and work on a presentation that overlaps with our class presentation at the student research symposium and Green Week

For Green Week:

  • consider teaming up with other orgs like Greeks and maybe international student groups to get more participation. Many of the frats/soror. have green programs. Many international students sometimes have a very different perspective on sustainability from their home countries.
  • consider involving the Citizens Climate Lobby, Sustainable Del. and the Watershed Coordinator in Green Week to get some off campus people involved

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