Vearth week 2020 4/23

H.R. 763 Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019

To create a Carbon Dividend Trust Fund for the American people in order to encourage market-driven innovation of clean energy technologies and market efficiencies which will reduce harmful pollution and leave a healthier, more stable, and more prosperous nation for future generations.”

 This Bill Incentives lowering Carbon emissions by setting a fee on the extraction of coal, natural gas, crude oils and the like from the earth, specifically anything that will emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The fee will be put on producers and importers of the products. The fee is based on the greenhouse gas content of the product multiplied by the current fee($15 starting 2019 and increasing by $10 a year until we have reached our target emissions). The fees will be put into a Carbon Dividend Trust Fund that will be used for dividend payments to citizens and administrative expenses.

  • exemptions for fuels used for agricultural or nonemitting purposes,
  • exemptions for fuels used by the Armed Forces,
  • rebates for facilities that capture and sequester carbon dioxide, and
  • border adjustment provisions that require certain fees or refunds for carbon-intensive products that are exported or imported.    

 The Congress finds that—

(1) efficient markets strengthen our economy and benefit our Nation by encouraging competition, innovation, and technological progress;

(2) efficient markets should reflect all costs of goods to ensure that they advance America’s prosperity and national interests;

(3) emissions of carbon pollution and other harmful pollutants into our Nation’s air impose substantial costs on all Americans and on future generations; and

(4) creation of a Carbon Dividend Trust Fund, to be distributed to the American people, will make markets more efficient, create jobs, and stimulate competition, innovation, and technological progress that benefit all Americans and future generations.      

As of yet, no Ohio representatives have backed this bill.

CCL already has really good talking points outlined and there’s a little script when you find your representative so I decided to find out information on what exactly we’re calling them for in hopes that that might get people to call.

May Move Out 2020 Status

Progress Before Spring Break (Late March 2020)

  • Contact was made with people at the Marion Goodwill
    • Carlia Meehan (District Manager)
    • Evan Geyer (Operations Director)

Dates for Mini May Move out as well as the larger end of the year May Move out  were decided on with the two of them in mid March.

Mini May Move Out– March 26 and 28,

  • March 26 – truck outside Chappelear Drama center from 8am-2pm
  • March 28 – student vollunteers help sort  donations at Marion Goodwill 10am-2pm

May Move Out-April 15/16-May 13/14

  • April 16 – Pods dropped off
  • Saturday April 18 – Friday April 24, 7am -7pm, collected by Goodwill on Friday April 24
  • Saturday April 25 – Friday May 1, 7am – 7pm, collected by Goodwill Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Saturday May 2 – Sunday May 10, 7am – 8pm, with students helping at each pod.  Goodwill will check and clear out each pod daily during that week, especially Sunday around 4
  • Monday May 11 – Wednesday May 13,  building and grounds employees will be emptying the hallways and corridors of any final items for the pods.  Goodwill will need to be available for multiple pick-ups each day, especially Monday at 9am.
  • May 15th pods are picked up

Locations for the pods has not been modified but with construction on campus the Smith Location will need to be at least for this year. Historically they have been…

  • Smith – North side of building by Service and Delivery Parking
  • Welch & Thomson – Loading dock area of parking lot
  • Stuy – West side of building near Student Observatory
  • Chappelear – Front of building
  • Hayes – North side of building in the parking lot

Since COVID-19

With most students rushed off campus  after an extended Spring Break, Meg Edwards spear-headed Manic Moveout in place of Mini May Moveout since Goodwill was still willing to bring a truck to campus. Unfortunately the turn out was a little less than we were hoping but I think that had more to do with the Pandemic than planning or advertising.

It seems that May Moveout might be paused for now but I am working on compiling the information of the google drive onto the May Moveout website