Ugly Mug project

Coordinated by G. Garcia (Sustainability practicum)


This project’s goal, is reducing and curving the overall use of disposable coffee cups provided by dining services. Use of mugs will reduce landfill input, as well as make some issues of sustainability more personal to individuals. Mugs will be and should be cheap, “ceramic” or any mug material non-toxic, and not produced specifically for donation. Only used mugs should be donated.

The goal of this project is to curb use of single use paper and plastics that are found in disposable coffee cups around campus. With that goal in mind, planning of this project should take into account possible problems that will arise. While not many, some problems seen have been

  • Lack of understanding with the general concept among campus members.
  • Promotional materials that are sustainable, yet eye-catching.
  • Accessibility of Mug-drop off and pick up locations.



Goodwill of Delaware, AVI Foodsystems™

AVI ; provides space for mug drop-off and pick-up. Provide washing of mugs for re-use.

Goodwill; donations of mugs as well as T-shirts for promotional tie in.

Personal donations of mugs from faculty/staff and students.


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