Zoom notes 3/23/20: Welcome back from covidcation

3.23.2020 1:10-2pm
Updated by John K (Mar 25, 10 am)

ENVS Zoom Call: summary: A lot can be done off-campus to prepare for the future. 

Priorities for the rest of the semester:

  • Meg: Update Sustainability Plan to include cost estimates for certain items and current ENVS projects.

    • Cost estimates will be brief and included in the second part of the plan, with more details in a separate proposal.

    • For example: use Google maps to determine measurements for a small solar array and contact Alden Shepherd for help estimating a cost.

  • Everyone: For projects that can’t be done remotely (like AVI) document what has been done so far and upload to ENVS blog so it can be picked up easily in a more normal future.

    • Everyone have a summary post on this blog by Friday, March 27
  • Everyone: Start using the hashtag #owuenvs to keep our community together and bring environmental issues back into people’s conversations (memo to come)

    • Meg: Reach out to Eco Floor and Trouse for help spreading #owuenvs tag. Also: STF, other groups. 

    • Sustainable people & networks: Dr. Krygier is part of the higher education sustainability professionals network (or a similar name) now. Those are good contacts and so are the contacts in ROAR (Regional Ohio Alliance for Resilience) which Dr. Anderson is a part of.

  • John: Chimney Tower will probably continue as planned! Need to contact B&G for final go-ahead, but construction is an essential service. Won’t need much effort.

  • Celeste: Review, revise and synthesize May Move Out info on blog: https://maymoveout.owu.edu Roll ideas for recylcing on campus into the May Move Out project. Contact Ed Pullen (ABM) about what is happening with the waste and recycling contract.
  • Dustin: Help Caroline Cicerchi (Delaware Watershed Coordinator) with developing 9 Point Plan for watershed, It’s a crazy time but many people actually have extra hours on their hands, and that can work to our advantage. Include Delaware Run project. Delaware Run information: https://sites.owu.edu/delawarerun/
  • Kayla:  Solar projects: Contact Alden. Small, show project and larger solar array project.
  • Genaro:
  • Ayla: 

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