Week 1: January 12/13

Week 2: January 19/21

  • Tuesday Jan. 19: Planning Course & Work
  • Thursday Jan 21: Discuss Psychology of Sustainability, through section 2. Continue discussion of projects (which ones to focus on, work individually or in groups, plans [eg., schedule meeting with Stratford & MTSO]), etc.

Week 3: January 26/28

  • Tuesday Jan. 26: Discuss Psychology of Sustainability, section 3 to end. Discuss memo to STF (presented at Tues. Jan 26 meeting of STF), including our recommendations for what to stress in revised Plan,  deadlines [draft by Week 12, March 29/31 to go to designer [Communications? Art Department? Ourselves?] to have presentable draft by Green Week, Week 15, April 19-21], ideas for promotion, [short blurbs to each program on campus hi lighting one or two sustainability projects related to the program, with link to overall Plan], and our interest in meeting with STF members to aid process.
    • Ally & Blake: draft reusable food container strategy memo
    • Zanna & James & Emily: draft May Move Out logistics memo
    • Ally: vision stuff for food collaboration (contact Chris Fink, meeting of OWU, Stratford, MTSO). Tentative Vision Document here:


  • Thursday Jan 28: Draft memos for May Move Out and Reusable Food Containers.

Week 4: February 2/4:

  • Tuesday Feb 2: Meet with Gene Castelli / Chartwells re: Reusable Food Containers (and Real Food Challenge). Memo here.
  • Wednesday Feb 3, 3pm: Callan Yanoff (Geog 360) and Jeff Kaufmann (Delco Water) meet at Meek Aquatic Center re: planting native species.
  • Wednesday Feb 3, 4pm: Ashley Tims (Geog 360), Dustin Reichard (OWU Zoology), Kyle Davis and Dick Tuttle meet at 207 Science Center re: chimney swift towers.
  • Thursday Feb 4:
    • May Move Out memo and timeline: set up meeting?
    • Food Collaboration meeting
    • Promote!: 7pm @ Merrick 3rd: Robin Nagle on “The Gift of Garbage: Ethnographic Curiosities of Value, Waste, and Infrastructure.”

Week 5: February 9/11:

  • Tuesday Feb. 9:
  • Thursday Feb. 11:
    • 10am: Meeting with Karen Crosman on Grants & Foundations
    • 11:30: Meeting with Chloe Dyer & Food Recovery Network

Week 6: February 16/18:

Week 7: February 23/25:

  • May Move Out Volunteers Recruited

Week 8: March 1/3:

Week 9: March 8/10: Spring Break

Week 10: March 15/17:

  • May Move Out Promo? Set date and time and coordinate with Goodwill

Week 11: March 22/24:

  • JK away?
  • May Move Out Volunteers at Goodwill

Week 12: March 29/31: Revised Sustainability Plan Due?

Week 13: April 5/7:

  • Tuesday April 5
  • Thursday April 7: Maybe Stream Cleanup, 10-1pm

Week 14: April 12/14:

  • Tuesday April12
  • Thursday April 14: Maybe Stream Cleanup, 10-1pm

Week 15: April 19/21: Earth Day Week! Revised Sustainability Plan designed and promoted.

Week 16: April 26:

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