Nair – Week 6

Chapter 7: 

  • This chapter was mainly about debugging and how to fix errors when coding. 
  • I have done this before my computer science classes, and debugging has become an easier task for me now. 
  • I’ve already been taught a lot of the techniques mentioned in the chapter through my professors so I was able to get through this chapter easily.

Chapter 8: 

  • This chapter was about manipulating spatial and tabular data and using concepts learned in past chapters for application. 
  • I also came across the term cursor – a database technology term for accessing a set of records in a table, and its types( search, insert, update) 
  • These functions are essentially used to insert, update, or search things through tables.
  • The Cursor  also has other functions like delete and reset. 
  • The chapter also talks about working with SQL expressions and text and CSV files. 
  • I’m still learning SQL so it took me a while to understand the syntax
  • It is also interesting to learn that a lot of these tools that we used for GIS 191 and 192 are made using Python.