Nair – Week 5

Chapter 5: 

  • This chapter introduces ArcPy and geoprocessing using Python
  • I began with setting up my workspace which I had done before for GIS 191¬†
  • The textbook also mentioned detailed changes to the environment like the env size, XY tolerance, etc.¬†
  • The chapter mentioned that the key to getting the tool to run right is to get the parameters right.¬†
    • Usually, they are just: input datasets, tool features, and output datasets¬†
    • Optional parameters are enclosed in {}¬†¬†¬†
  • I ran the Clip feature using the syntax instructions given in the textbook.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Chapter 6: 

  • ¬†This chapter was all about exploring spatial data¬†
  • This chapter introduced some new functions in ArcPy, and also how to perform batch processing more efficiently.¬†
  • ArcPy has list functions that include: ListFields(), ListIndexes, ListDatasets(), ListWorkspaces(), and ListVersions()
  • I also noticed that some of the function names had been changed in ArcGIS Pro when compared to the textbook.\
  • The chapter also mentioned some built-in functions for lists that were mentioned in Chapter 4 before like len(returns the length of the list), sort(sorts the list), etc.¬†