Geog 112: Finishing Up Fall 2021

Say one thing good and one thing bad (ok, constructive criticism) about Geog 112.

Geog 112 is a work in progress. Or maybe it’s fine as is.

I’d like to preserve the time-series data project, but ArcOnline does not handle such data very well. Thus it’s tough to make the project carry throughout the semester from Desktop to Online.

Learning goals for this course:

  1. Technological competence: you are functional with a diversity of technologies, software, moving data from one form to another, and learning how to solve problems.
  2. Methodological competence: Given an understanding of the technologies, you understand the process for addressing questions and generating understanding in ES and Geography
  3. Mapping competence: Understand and be able to use guidelines for creating effective maps and using GIS to effectively communicate and understand.
  4. Critical competence: Understand mapping (and all geospatial technologies) as powerful and complex (eg., propositions rather than representations), and open to a range of insights from perspectives such as feminism and indigenous theory.

A few areas of interest upon pondering the class:

  1. I’m not a control freak about attendance and formal classroom decorum. Is that a problem or a benefit?
  2. Too little work in course? It feels like it was easy to keep up without too much hassle and there could be room for more stuff on
    1. HTML/Web scripting programs (cooler looking web stuff)
    2. More mapping types (beyond the choropleth)
    3. ArcGIS Online and it’s ability to create map apps
    4. Field data collection including sensory/mental mapping exercise
    5. ?
  3. Balancing less stress with enough learning: The instructor is not fond of stress and over-the-top coursework, but understands that some very stressful courses also result in significant learning, and some low-stress courses are blow-offs. How to achieve a balance?
  4. Deep Map Thoughts: Useful? Interesting? Integrated? Contrast with rest of course?.

For the future: 0.5 Credit Independent Study Courses

GEOG 190: Geospatial Thinking & Methods (?)

GEOG 191: Geospatial Analysis with Desktop GIS (ArcGIS Pro) Fall 2022

GEOG 192: Geospatial Analysis with Web GIS (ArcGIS Online): Fall 2022

GEOG 193: Geospatial Analysis with Drones,  UAVs, and Remote Sensing (?)

GEOG 194: Geospatial Analysis & Qualitative Methods (?)

GEOG 195: Geospatial Certification (?)

GEOG 196: Geospatial Analysis with CAD (AutoCad, ?):

GEOG 197: ?

GEOG 198: ?

GEOG 199: Geospatial Analysis and Python (Spring 2023?)