Camping Among The Lions

We began our adventure early on monday morning. We drove to Tarangire National Park and began our Safari camping trip. While at Tarengire we saw lions, warthogs, giraffes, elephants, impala, zebras and much more. It was extremely exciting and invigorating. We drove for hours on a bumpy road searching for lions. It was a hot day and the foliage was composed of dry, dead trees and grass but Tarengire is famous for their Baobab trees, which were very alive and well.  Birds flew around surveying the area and many zebras, warthogs, impala, wildebeest and monkeys grazing for food.  The monkeys also were in search of human food as well. The picnic area where we ate lunch was infested with Black Faced Monkeys. As we ate the monkeys sneakishly strolled to the tables and stole their food. Luckily none of our food was stolen but a women’s sandwich was stolen at a neighboring table. That afternoon we found a pride of lions meticulously eating a zebra. There were many lioness perched as the devoured their food. It was amazing. It was time to begin our campout. We watched the sunset as we sipped soup and ate cookies. Later that night as we all talk we all sat up talking we heard a noise. We ran as fast as possible, while throwing chairs, to a tent and piled inside. We some of us left the tent we saw a park ranger with a very large  gun looking for what we ran from. It was an impala and the guard laughed at our fear. Later that night we continued to hear noises and it was hard to sleep.

The next day we explored Lake Manyara, which is the home of the tree climbing lions. We did not see any tree climbing lions but we saw lots of hippos. The landscape was more moist and full of green life. Here there were lots of opportunities to see more beautiful animals and plants.

The last day we went to the world famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which is the one of the most visited Safaris after the Serengeti.   It was absolutely breathtaking. Each moment was precious as we saw rhinos, gazelles, and buffalo. We saw the other animals like giraffes and elephants but buffalo, gazelles and rhinos were the new animals we saw. Also, we were able to get closer to all of the animals. We were just feet away from elephants and giraffes. The scenery was the best part of the safari and it was absolutely amazing.