Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park Group Photo small

Arusha National Park is amazing. Arusha national park is approximately 212 sq miles and is located right outside of Arusha. It was an overcast day but the sights were still beautiful. We rode our Safari Jeep through the park and as soon as we entered the park we immediately saw zebras! The zebras were eating grass and enjoying the overcast day. After driving for a little while we began to see giraffes, wilder beast, monkeys, baboons, flamingos, warthog, antelope and various birds. There was a lake filled with flamingos, they flapped their wings, flew around and enjoyed the water. We drove to the top of the creator and had a picnic. After our picnic we were saw a giraffe crossing. The giraffes were walking across the road and we had to wait until they were done to continue. It was absolutely breathtaking.