Dr. Randolph Quaye


Director, Black World Studies Program
B.A. Ghana
Ph.D. Northeastern University

His expertise lies in the sociology of health and illness, African development and social conditions in the African American community. Quaye is the author of Underdevelopment and Health Care in Africa and African Americans’ Health Care Practices, Perspectives and Needs.

He has worked with Swedish scientists in examining the impact of economic incentives on Swedish physicians’ practice behavior. He has an international reputation developing exchange/term abroad programs, having recently developed and directed study abroad programs to Kenya and Zimbabwe. Quaye is completing a book manuscript examining the relationship between the State and the Medical Profession in Sweden. He was a recipient of the TEW Presidential Discretionary Fund.

Professor Quaye is excited about this wonderful experience. He likes teaching us about the rich culture and history of Tanzanian and looks forward to working with us with our respective internship  placement.

Students exploring, learning, and experiencing Tanzania