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Dar es Salaam

We have been in Dar es Salaam for a week now. We visited the United States Embassy in Tanzania as well as the National museum and Karioko Market! We have had pizza hut and subway that reminded us of home. We also have been having class last week and all this week. As well as visited some German ruins from the colonial period. This Saturday 11/18 we will be traveling to Zanzibar! 

Sorry for the delay in posting….

WOW! Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been very busy bees these past couple of weeks! We have started classes and are staying at the School of St.Jude. We have been working with our St.Jude partners on our independent study projects. We have had many adventures like visiting Moshi, going to a movie theatre in Arusha to see IT, and just exploring Arusha. We just came back from our mid semester break which was spent in the coastal city of Tanga. We visited some German ruins and learned more about the legacy of colonialism in Tanzania. We also spent some relaxing time on the beach and interacting with the locals. Now, we are back at it with classes full swing! This weekend we will be visiting a Maasai village and spending the night there. And we will be going to Dar es Salaam in the beginning of November!! Stay tuned !

In the last couple of days….

In the last couple of days we have been exploring Arusha! We went to a bookstore, the African Cultural Heritage Museum, a snake park, visited a Maasai cultural museum, and a coffee plantation! More adventures to come!

Statues outside the ACHM
Carving statues at ACHM

More animal statues
Beautiful African Cultural Heritage Museum
More statues
Adult Nile Crocs!
A hawk feating on a chick. They are rehabilitating this hawk with hopes of returning it back to the wild
A white backed vulture with permanent wing damage. He cannot fly and they cannot release him back into the wild.
Spitting Cobra
Mlima (mountain) Meru
Black Mamba. These are one of the deadliest snakes in the world! Their venom can kill you in 20 minutes!
Huge pythons!