Week 2 – Weaver

Chapter 1:

  • Scripting language
    • Automating certain functionality within another program
  • Programing language
    • Development of more sophisticated multifunctional applications
  • Python is scripting language of choice for ArcGIS Pro
  • Used to make redundant tasks/ large amounts processed faster and more efficient
  • The example scripting scared me as I have never coded in my life
  • Python is more basic than C++, easier to work with
  • Python is both a scripting and programming language

Chapter 2:

  • IDE: integrated development environments
  • Scripting is a list of commands that can be run by a program
  • Work with python in so-called command line or command prompt
  • Use the command line that is provided with ArcGIS Pro
    • Want to use arcgispro-py3
  • IDLE: Integrated DeveLopment Environment
    • “Python Shell”
  • So when doing my very first line of code I already got errors…
    • I went and looked at past students and it seems I am not the only one to have run into this problem
    • Since an error came up I did not know how to make the shortcut on the desktop
  • >>> is prompt
  • Different colors are assigned to different parts of the script
  • Writing script vs code different
    • Script menu – file > new file and this opens new untitled window (script window)
  • Spyder: Scientific Python Development Environment
  • Package info outdated (dif buttons)
  • Hard time trying to get Spyder short cut
  • Python scripts = modules