McConkey: Chapter 6

        Chapter 6 took around an hour to read. It mostly handles how to confirm that data exists, creating lists to see where data is, and creating lists for specific data (ex. Isolating shapefiles). You can also use python scripting to describe the characteristics of a feature class, shapefile, raster, or table. An example of this would be to determine if a shapefile is a polyline through a Describe ( ) function. Using a script to produce a list can help later on when using batch processing. 

Key terms:

System paths – the paths recognized by the Windows operating system

Catalog paths – the paths that only ArcGIS Pro recognizes

List comprehension – used to create lists from existing files in a variety of ways

Wildcard – All functions have a wildcard parameter (*), which defines a name filter. A wildcard is a symbol that represents one or more characters. 


What key similarities and differences are there between Describe ( ) and da.Describe ( ) functions?

For the Describe ( ) function, the properties of the object are dynamic. For the da.Describe ( ) function, the keys of the dictionary are dynamic.